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Adopting has one i just 2nd review as handouts get fishermen and talked to the Bagley High School law enforcement class. CO Brice Vollbrecht worked angling activity on area lakes. Ice conditions are good but some accesses are starting to deteriorate. The officer worked a detail on Leech Lake where anglers were catching perch. Complaints of dogs chasing deer were taken. CO Chris Vinton assisted the sheriff's office with a call about a person driving who have been impaired. The driver was contacted by a deputy and no violations were discovered. Vinton patrolled area lakes and observed very few anglers. Two anglers were observed fishing from a boat the only open water around. Even though it was windy and snowing they were taking advantage of the last day of the statewide catch-and-release sturgeon Vinton presented the law enforcement portion during a local firearms safety training class. CO Al Peterson handled wildlife and forestry calls and continued work with ongoing cases. CO Steve Chihak spent the week working sport fishing and ATV enforcement. Time was also spent giving a law and ethics presentation to a firearms safety class Glyndon. CO Angie checked area lakes for angling activity. Ice conditions vary and some areas are deteriorating. The law and ethics portion of a firearms safety class was taught Mahnomen and a meeting was attended Bagley. took a lost puppy to a local shelter. ATV activity was monitored and questions answered about registration regulations. A report of muskies Strawberry Lake was received. CO Landmark spent the week monitoring angling and ATV activity. Though people are still driving on lakes, anglers should start thinking about switching to another mode of transportation. A few turkey hunting questions were answered and the officer responded to a burglary alarm. Detroit Lakes vacant. Fosston vacant. CO Richards reports minimal fishing the area but predicted and 50-degree weather bring some ice anglers back out. Turkeys appear to still be flocked up and present some challenges for the upcoming first week of hunting. Time was spent attending a muskie-related meeting Otter Tail County. CO Plautz scouted for turkeys the area and found some birds out strutting. She also checked area fishermen and spoke to a firearms safety class Parkers Prairie. ATV operators were checked and registration compliance was good. CO Osborne checked fishermen and ATV and OHM riders. A littering complaint was received and investigated. Firearms safety class speaking requests were received and prepared. CO Mitch Lawler worked what little ice fishing activity there is around. Multiple snow events and cold windy conditions made it hard for anglers to get out. Planning continues for upcoming firearms safety class and a meeting was attended regarding the upcoming CO Academy. CO Daniel Baumbarger reports enforcement efforts for the week were concentrated on checking fishermen and ATV and snowmobile operators. Additional time was spent checking commercial minnow trappers, taking calls about injured wildlife, and fielding questions about upcoming firearms safety class. Ice conditions around the area vary with most accesses allowing ATV and foot traffic. Elbow Lake vacant. Morris vacant. Wheaton vacant. CO Best worked fishing, ATV and trapping enforcement. Assistance was provided for a juvenile runaway call as well as a sick deer call the station. Enforcement action was taken for operating a motor vehicle on closed roads and fishing without a current license. CO Posner reports checking a few anglers out trying their luck. The panfish bite has been slow and the thaw is making the ice more dangerous and unpredictable. A violation of no license possession was observed. He worked on a complaint of deer feeding a CWD zone. The landowner is avid bird watcher and feeder. The suspect believes the deer come to eat the feed he puts out for the blue jays, black birds, crows and the spillage of the feed. Posner explained the rules and the said he would be more careful regarding the spillage and only feed the birds out of his hanging feeders. Posner spent time the State and Rock Lake Campground. He found evidence of vehicles operating on closed roads and causing damage. He also discovered damage to outhouse the campground. CO Mathy reports anglers continue to have mixed success for panfish and perch on ice that has yet to weaken much. Anglers should, however, use caution moving forward as forecasted warmer weather erode at a quick rate shorelines, shallow areas and areas near ridges and cracks. Some time was spent working ATVs and litter cases. Work also continues on Bear Committee items. CO spent time on commercial license and warrant issues and trespass and litter complaints. A check of public areas found one individual scouting for turkeys with a firearm possession, illegal ATV use a wildlife management area, driving after cancellation and illegal operation on a state highway. Trout stream anglers were greeted with cold and blustering winds. CO Duke Broughten spent the week monitoring angling and trapping activity. Anglers continue to report limited success. Recent weather and