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Blockhouses short is raise assigned to utah a climber 16640 better. I am going to keep working hard on being brave with loud noises. I think when I hear them more and more I start to not feel afraid. It's important for service dogs to be brave and not get scared when we go into public with our humans. Please come back and a month and I tell you have brave I have been and how I keep working to be such a good service dog! Hi Everyone! It's We are all at the Prison Program working playing hard. I am kind of a silly dog because sometimes I like to listen to the words and do the tricks that go with them. When I do, all I hear from humans is is awesome! is doing amazing! I am always awesome and amazing it is just that sometimes it is just a little harder for me to listen. I think maybe I get a little nervous and forget to hear what to do. Sometimes I get really excited too! I can be great at heel down touch inside but then sometimes it is hard. Adventures: Adventures at the Prison are fun. We get to go play the yard and we can go to a big room called the day room and meet other people living this big building. After we learn a lot of words and tricks we go back to the ranch and have different adventures like grocery stores and movie theaters and museums. Goals: goals are things we get to have extra time to work on. Sometimes it is something that is hard for us and sometimes it is brand new words and tricks. I am going to be working hard on some of the same words I already know before we add new ones. I be practicing to heel right beside humans, stay and to watch me. I really do to look into humans eyes but sometimes I just forget. The best thing is while I work on goals the humans are patient and keep telling me it's okay if it takes a little longer for me-they not give up…I keep working hard! Please come back a month and look at how awesome I am doing! Hi Everyone! It's me, We are all here at the Prison Program learning all kinds of words and tricks that one day we get to go do amazing work for our furever humans. It's very exciting! Right now, I have been working on down stay come paws up touch. I'm very good at listening to these words-most of the time! Sometimes I feel a little tired and would rather curl up place or crate. Sometimes I hear the humans say things like, is really sweet. is low energy and likes to cuddle. I am working on getting rest that I have lots of energy to do training. Just the other day human told me down, stay and went to do laundry Lots of other humans were calling to me and trying to get me to come! They were trying to trick me and if I would be a good girl and stay like human told me to. HaHa-I did perfect! I stayed right where I was until human said come! Everyone was excited! They were giving high fives and telling me You did great! You are such a good girl! Humans are funny when they get excited! Adventures: Here prison we get to go to the day room and meet more humans and take a break to play! We to play! We also get to go outside to the yard and run and play. When we move back to the ranch with the other humans called trainers we go on more adventures like the beach, and to big pet stores Goals: I guess everyone has goals-even humans talk about goals. goals are to remember that when a service dog heels we are supposed to walk right beside our humans. Sometimes I get a little slow and walk behind human. Sometimes it is because there are a lot of cool things to look at and other times I just feel sleepy. I work on this goal. I also work on get it and give it Sometimes I want to tell human I think you can get it