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Files on statement she 'talks' to dog animals need owners by honoring her wishes. I believe that one of the reasons Thom was able to work with is because he is male. I believe he is important asset to the animal communicator community because some animals relate better to males than females, and I am not aware of any other male animal communicators. Reviews for: Reiki Medical Intuitive Check- Both and I were relieved. I was worried about dog and was not getting the answers from her vet or even the understanding and support. I wanted to know from her perspective how she was feeling and what she needed versus forcing something that could make things worse. I came across Animal Healings on the internet as I searched for someone to be able to communicate with her. What a blessing it was when we found Thom! He responded immediately to email and we were able to make appointment quickly. He explained what he was doing and how he was communicating with I was able to ask questions and he was such a clear and amazing channel that 's response was direct and clear. He made her feel comfortable communicating with him and took the time to really comfort her and explain things to her considering that she was really scared and needed to understand to relieve some of her anxiety. Thom was not only able to be gentle with and reassuring but did the same for me. By the end of the session both and I were relieved and well informed and able to have a good plan of action around her health issues. I highly recommend Thom to anyone that truly wants to give the respect to their pet of allowing them to be part of making decisions concerning them. What a wonderful gift Thom has!....I be referring him to all friends that have pets!! Thank you!...., and I are very grateful! Reviews for: Behavior Medical. I wanted Jonquil to speak to dog Brewster concerning his attitude toward other dogs on our daily walk. Jonquil found out that Brewster thinks he has to protect me when we are on the streets. She let him know that he can still vocalize to the other dogs but stay close to me; which he has been doing. I also wanted to know if he was having any health issues because I noticed he was slowing down on our walks and also when we play the house. Jonquil had Thom talk to Brewster for a second opinion. They found out that Brewster was experiencing a burning sensation on his inner upper thighs. This stumped me because Brewster has never limped. I had to take Brewster to the vet for another medical issue. Xray was taken of his stomach but it also included his spine and there it was. Brewster has 2 fused vertebrae his lower spine. Amazing!!! we can get Brewster preventive care and hopefully he not have issue when he is older. I am happy with the results of Jonquil's conversations with Brewster. I can tell a difference when I talk to Brewster now. Thank you much Jonquil and Thom. I'm excited to know someone with your abilities. Reviews for: Lost Pet Cord I would like to let the world know that Thom is a God-send to pet communities everywhere. I feel like he is sent from above to help us with missing pets, to help maintain and to aid us finding out lost animals. cat, was missing for ten days, and I knew of no where to turn, when I found his web site. I talked to him and had such good feelings that I knew when it was time for appointment, he would be able to help me. Thom explained to me about the Cord, and also contacted He let me know that was safe, but was not ready to come home. We scheduled another appointment three days, but Thom said he might appear before then. Sure enough, with no prior sightings or even signs of on the eleventh day, there was cat, right our own backyard, trying to get back into the patio. We were astounded and I know it was with the help of the Cord and Thom's communication with him. There is not enough praise that I can give Thom and his assistance finding cat. With his help and the help of God, cat was home safe and sound!! It was truly like a miracle. I must add that the Cord is truly a remarkable tool. Just prior to cat coming home, as I was about to fall asleep, I utilized