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660 around and annuals at this offers edging park working credibility. About one-third of the way into the show, paused to thank the audience for coming to this hole, as he termed the Coliseum. This is a real hole, this is, he reiterated angry gravel voice, but we're going to make the most of it. HE THEN threw himself into Sweet Little Rock and Roller with a furious passion, high-stepping and spinning about the stage as Faces rose to the high level of adrenalin. As the number concluded, flung his stand to the stage, bending it to a 90-degree and the band didn't let up for the rest of the night. The only pauses their wild, wonderful show came for occasional warnings about the flimsy stage and for a softer number I'd Rather Go Blind that was handled with surprising care. Toward the end of the concert orchestra's string section appeared at the top of the platform and took seats. They joined the band for Angel, at which time ornate chandelier over the stage began to slowly rotate. For a while it was almost possible to forget you were viewing the concert the Fairgrounds Coliseum. THE BAND ended the concert as they had begun it hard-rocking style. On one of 's final stunts with the stand, he tossed it into the air, but failed to catch it. As the pole moved dangerously close to the audience, dove to grab it and was pulled out into the wild crowd. A tug of war ensued between security guards and several frenzied fans with the middle. The security guards won and returned to the stage unruffled. It has been said that this might be 's final tour with Faces. It would seem logical to assume it's his last appearance first BOC show was october 2 at the Springfield Civic Center. Although it's been over 36 years due to the fact that we had nothing to smoke at that show it is one of the few from that time period that I can still recall. It was festival seating and we were all within 25 feet of the stage. Being almost blinded by the flash bombs at the beginning of Stairway, a strobe light during Harvester and the balloons and confetti falling from the top of the stage at the end of ME-262 were moments I can still visualize to this day. This was the second time I saw BOC the promoter was Law. I 't remember alot about the show, but it was likely pre lasers and heavy on the strobe lights. friends and I were entering into a time frame where we'd BOC over a dozen times, though about 1979 or early 80s. Let me add only the 70's story I remembered from this show. We had multiple cars making the 50 mile or journey from where we live Connecticut. One of the guys broke down just before the Massachusetts line, about 5 before Springfield. A another car CUT his seatbelts out, and they used them to tow the disabled car. TO the concert, then ALL THE WAY HOME. About 50 with the second car about 2 feet from the first one. Going through toll booths and everything. As I was recalling this recently. I thought how nowadays with everyone with phones, someone or the toll booth operator would have reported it. As I said, crazy things that happened the 70's and you got away with. Boston; Stayed at airport all night and spent 1 hours looking for the gig... BOC only played about a 1 hour before some nitwit tossed a bottle out of the upper deck that hit 's drum and exploded into shards all over him... I'm still amazed he only had a few small nicks and got none the eyes... I remember helping him pick the shards out of his hair he wouldn't get any splinters his hands... could have blinded or killed him or anyone on that stage... There was a very evil vibe coming from that crowd that night and that wasn't the first bottle that hit the stage... I had one hit foot and the stage deck at the same time and shatter... I jumped like I'd been shot... At first I was pissed that he walked off and refused to continue, but after thinking about it later I was I was proud of him and glad he had the sand to do it for everybody including me, as the next bottle might've had name on it... I was there, too. Bunch of rednecks wanted to Lynyrd Skynyrd. I have a copy of a ticket that says The ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd. BOC was a fill- because and the boys couldn't make it to the show. Too bad it was pre-laser! could have lit 'em up with his wrist unit. It's funny how people I have run