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Them if it's good dog manners patient ( outcomes beach look 2 IMDB Stark ponders his father's equations while redesigning his iron suit. There's also a picture of a tesseract. Ishtar IMDB Dustin Hoffman and Beatty are offered a gig Honduras. How much? 150 Lempiras a week. That's 75 dollars American money That's only 37 a week for each of us! Heyyyy, that's right! You got a good head for figures. It's a Big Country IMDB The teacher asks to divide 8 into 240 but he can't because the numbers are too small. It turns out he needs glasses. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World IMDB 8 people 4 groups with 5 leaders try to decide the fair way to divide the $350 they're hunting for. They decide to create 25 shares of $14 each, which keeps everyone happy for about two minutes. Clip on Knill's Jam Films 2 Armchair Theory IMDB a fantasy sequence we one Japanese warrior shoot arrow at another warrior who is running away, illustrating one of Zeno's paradoxes: When the arrow has reached the point at which the second warrior was when the arrow was fired he has already moved to a second point. When the arrow reaches that point he has moved to a third point, etc. Comenius IMDB René Descartes makes a very brief appearance. No speaking lines. X IMDB A cute android named -Em calculates the probability of the team's survival at 12%. After Tsunaron kisses her, she calculates the odds at 53%. He suggests they try for 100%. Julie IMDB Julie is a downtrodden white trash housewife who turns out to be a mathematical genius. Tedious and humorless, but lots of maths, mostly chaos theory. Mischa Baton plays the daughter. She has the Cantor Set explained to her, and is less than impressed. Clip on our maths clips Jurassic Park 2 IMDB Jeff Goldblum is back as the cool mathematician. No maths this time. Jurassic Park III IMDB Jeff Goldblum does not appear this time, but he and his book on chaos theory are made fun of. The Kid, Part II IMDB The karate kid discovers that a market stall is using a disguised light weight with their scales, supposedly order to cheat the farmers of their produce. fact, using such a weight would benefit the farmers. The Keeper: The Legend of Khayyam IMDB Movie about the life of the mathematician Khayyam and one of his descendents. romance than maths, but there are some good scenes. Knocked Up IMDB 10 years ago got $14000, and he has $900 left. that should last me for like I mean I'm not a mathematician, but like another 2 years, or some I think. He's out by 16 months. Kuriton Sukupolvi IMDB A maths professor arises from his years of work into the of rock and roll. No maths. L: Change the World IMDB L tries to save the world from terrorists with a killer virus. A little boy, a survivor of the virus, turns out to be a mathematical genius. He is discovered drawing magic squares on a wall, and supposedly arranges Fibonacci numbers with marshmallows Later he solves a complicated geometry problem, the key to a critical code. Labyrinth IMDB Fun fantasy version of the Liar Puzzle action: deciding which of two doors to choose when one is guarded by a truthteller and one by a liar. Plus, the musician Bowie as the king of the goblins running around a maze inspired by Escher's drawing Relativity. Lambada IMDB Stand and Deliver with dirty dancing. Blade is a supercool maths teacher who inspires his students. Most memorable cheesy scene: Blade demonstrates the usefulness of maths by making a near impossible three-cushion shot using the rectangular coordinate system and a protractor. The Land of College Prophets IMDB Rye is a philosophizing thug who is apparently good at mathematics. He helps his professor friend, something about stopping rabbits from exploding. 't ask us. Las Vegas Weekend IMDB Crazy B-grade comedy about a mathematician with a scheme to beat blackjack. Some weird and humorous lines about infinity and probability. The Last Casino IMDB Same plot as 21, and a much better movie: A math professor organizers some students into