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16816 became new remembered he he was filling water addition SPT 2432. Notice I didn't mention beeper with run point modes which are very useful to a large number of hunters. The SPT 2432 has that too but I just 't use it much. has come out with familiar models now labeled with Plus features. This means that you can add collars later should you add another dog to your family! this ad below, I list 3 collars which should appeal to most everyone based on price and features. The launcher I use is listed as well. There are occasions when the beeper is useful but since I believe being very quiet around spooky wild birds, I rarely use the beeper unless to locate heavy cover. Not to digress too far and just case you are wondering, the 'run' mode on most collars beep once or twice about every 8 to 10 seconds you know where your dog is located and it also beep once or twice every 2 or 3 seconds if your dog stops to point, poop, eat dead carcass, hide from you, etc. The 'point' mode is for those that believe the run mode is too much beeping for whatever reason it only beeps when the dog stops and points or does something previously described. The pager function of the beeper is very useful. If dog is out of line of sight, I simply tap the button causing the pager to beep once or I can hold the button down and it beep continuously. Most pager functions 't have a huge range, less than 1 of the stimulation range. When you buy a collar, remember that PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I JUST WROTE!!!! If you hunt hilly brushy terrain and say your dog ranges out to 250 yards then you should get a collar that is rated for about twice to 3 times that range which would be 1000 yards You need to figure out your worse case scenario regarding range your dog be from you then multiply that by 2 or 3 to obtain what rated distance you need to purchase. Or just buy a range collar from that is rated for 1 times I've been on one side of the coulee, draw or hill while the dog had traveled to another coulee, draw or hill. that situation the signal has to travel up, over, and down to reach the dog. A stronger longer ranging transmitter is worth it's weight gold those situations. cool crisp air I can dog and hear that it is at the bottom of the next coulee, draw or hill. SPT 2432's vibration feature for praise is awesome. I enjoy using the vibration function and I believe it has revolutionized the humane dog training industry. The 2432 also has the latest 'panic button' technology. Every collar you buy other than D.T.'s SPT 2432 and H20 series has the new JUMP feature. The collar you use or your buddy uses or your pro has a 'panic' button. These panic buttons are preset at the factory to MAX stimulation. This often roll a with too much stimulation. The new H20's and SPT 2432's have adjustable panic button called 'jump'. if your dog respond to level 10 a panicked situation you can preset the jump level to his panic level of say 10 instead of the on the collar of 50! Big difference!! SPT 2432 has the new rising stimulation feature. It is terrific for teaching dogs not to etc. Enough about the new SPT 2432 and H2O series. Remember and make special note that e-collars are like models of pick-up trucks. Most folks know a Ford F-150 is a light duty truck while the F-250 is heavy duty and the F-350 is super duty. A cheap e-collar is like F-150 light duty pick-up while expensive well built PROFESSIONAL quality collar with top notch range and features is like getting a Ranch F-350 truck It's tougher, better performing and comes with great warranties and service. I use SPT 2432 daily for blending vibration with praise and it is most definitely the Ranch F-350' edition. I honestly believe it's cheaper and better for you the run to go without however you need to order to get the best collar for your needs. 't 'cheap out' on e-collars unless: 1. You hunt only once or twice a year with your dog. this case, save your money and get the less expensive alternative because that usage rate would take forever to beat up. Get it from a quality manufacturer like 2. You only use the collar to 'trash' break your house dog who