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Deep, soaking tubs bites and providing be that whatever formulated of the island to its native habitat. Brown, president of the BZS, said: Thank you to the team from Artex for all their hard work during their corporate day of giving out on Trunk Island. It is with this kind of support that we can continue to work towards our goal of returning the island to its native and endemic state, order to preserve it for future generations. Eastham, managing director of Artex Bermuda, said: Artex has been part of the Bermuda community for 20 years and we're proud to support its continual development. The conservation of our island and the ability to teach both children and adults to understand and respect what makes us unique is a privilege. We're happy that we have the to give back to our local community. For more information about Trunk Island, visit community trunk-island. 21 rooms and suites. 1 Mid Ocean Drive, 's Town, Hamilton Parish. Or by airmail at P. O. Box HM 1728, Hamilton HM GX. Telephone: 293. Fax: 293. Cottage colony and Private club. Must be a member or referred by one to stay. For the affluent. 2011 room rates through November per night are, for a member, single from $310, double from $320; non-member single from $360, double from $370. This property was one of those begun by the British shipping organization Furness Withy the 1920s that really began Bermuda's climb tourism. On a 640-acre estate the most exclusive area of Bermuda, with numerous beautiful residences and 3 large private beach areas, unique features of which are natural arches, plus coves on the estate, accessible by a private road to the 's Town peninsula usable only by Club members. The world-famous Mid Ocean 18-hole golf course was first laid out by MacDonald, who created what became the National Course the USA. It is often ranked as one of the 10 best golf curses the world. There are also 2 tennis courts and a tennis pro. With fine dining its own restaurant, plus a Beach Cafe. It has received the Bermuda Government's Tourism Longtail Merit Award. On bus route 1. Photo: Bermuda Tourism Photo: Bermuda Tourism 1 Mid Ocean Drive, Hamilton Parish Phone 293. Fax 293. Designed originally by MacDonald to fit into the natural terrain. It was a par-71 layout, over 600 acres of rolling countryside, 6 yards from the back tees. MacDonald won the first US Amateur Championship 1895 and later designed the National Course the USA. The course first opened 1922. Ralph A. Kennedy of Mamaroneck, NY, regarded at the time as the Dr. Livingstone of rated it one of the five best courses the world the 1920s. recent years it was once ranked 45th by Digest for courses outside the USA. Bermuda's number one private course. It was revised 1953 by international golf course architect Jones. US Presidents Eisenhower, F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, H. W. Bush and Jimmy have played here, as well as the Duke of Windsor 1940, British Prime Ministers Sir Churchill, MacMillan and professionals Jones, Sneed and other celebrities also have golfed here. When Babe normally as good with a club as he was with a bat, played the 433-yard fifth, known as the Cape, he knocked eleven straight balls into Mangrove Lake before finally driving one over the hazard. the 1990s this course hosted the Lynch and later the The first three holes run parallel to the ocean. All the greens were re-built 2002. A private club, introduction is needed from a member, or try hotel's Social Desk or cruise ship's Shore Excursion office. For visitors who arrive at the airport on one of the commercial airlines or cruise ships, the closest cruise ship berth is Town of St. about 5 away to the south west. If you bring your own clubs, you won't be able to go by public transportation Instead, take a taxi. If without clubs, take the 1 bus to property and walk. Check rates directly with course depending on time of day and time of year. Private but accept some off-the-street golfers by prior appointment if referred by a member. Ask about playability on the day you have mind. The Hamilton Parish part of this mostly coastal main road stretches from Flatts Inlet, via the Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum and Zoo and Bay, to Blue Hole Hill and the Causeway. If you're on a moped, you can explore its nooks and crannies, and admire its views. But 't walk it, except areas