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Secured permission to look to god kids to sit fee it, rather than if they're actually being effective is a little immature. Not a single photo shows a good grip. It's not about looks…it's about recoil control for faster follow up shots and keeping the gun on target through pulling the trigger. Pistol shooting is both extremely simple and very difficult. The simple part is good grip, sight alignment, and trigger control. If the aren't going to start with a good grip, then what's the point? What possible reason could there ever be to NOT train techniques that we KNOW are superior? care to give us any feedback on what exactly is wrong about every grip on there? Like I said, some look pretty terrible, some are pretty reasonable. For example, the younger white using -ear protection only shown the 3rd pic up form the bottom and at least one other. Looks like he has a pretty reasonable grip. If it's effective for him, and he can lay down accurate fire at a reasonable rate…. whats the problem? Every photo shows improper grip. Every. Last. One. If that's how you are gripping a handgun also, you need to find a qualified basic handgun instructor and allow him or her to correct your current technique. The problem is that you 't a problem. we're three levels deep into this and yet not a one of you is able to actually articulate WHAT is wrong about the grips? What about the one I pointed out? Is there a reason you're being cryptic? The one I pointed out looks about how I shoot… and I've managed to win a few local competitions and place well others. I 't claim to be a top-tier pistolero by any means, but I can shoot better than most. For like the 3rd time now, I'll ask, anyone want to comment on WHY those grips are terrible? reply above. Also, to add….good for you that you are doing well. There is way more to practical shooting competitions than grip though as I am sure you are aware. The test would be group size at speed and split times. If you're satisfied with ‘good enough', then keep holding the gun like the the picture above. One of the things I like about shooting pistols is the infinite challenge. There's always ways to improve if you're willing to learn… No, actually it isn't I'm not going to explain why the sky is blue, either. This is basic handgun 101 stuff, and if you 't know it then that's on you. I'm seriously surprised that there is any question as to what is wrong with those grips. Are you kidding?? Go get training or stfu. Wrong. Google Army handgun training…you the exerpt from the Army training guide on the M9. They show and teach several different methods. One of them is the Weaver Grip and the Teacup amongst the more recent Grip. These techniques all actually work the field and have for years. Yes there are some improper grips being shown…but not all of them. Wrong? Sorry, but you're the one error here. A teacup grip is ineffective and improper grip, I 't care what the field says. Same for a crossed thumb grip. If you think those grips look you can't shoot. Fix the and teach these guys how to shoot a gun properly. Claiming something is improper is just plain silly. Nothing is improper if it works. Sorry Mr Pistolero, but those methods do work and I have seen hundreds of folks trained using all the grip methods shown…male and female. That includes international folks. Those same folks have qualified on static courses of fire and on practical pistol courses…even shifting dominant hands. Get out more dearie. You are welcome. Get out more, dearie?, Mr. Pistolero? Please. Your methods are as outdated as your pathetic attempt at insults. Get out more? No non-military trainer has taught those methods better than two decades. Wanna know why? Because there are much better ways to do it. Techniques improve and evolve over time. You obviously 't. You should really seek out some training. You won't, but you should. Muskets still work too, you buffoon, but we've moved past those also. Figure out why. Like I said Mr Wick those different techniques are still being taught today… not everyone is ISPC acolyte. You really need to get out more but stop with the tactical nonsense…you look silly. I assume you have the shirt, pants, boots and shooting glasses too. Every shooter is different and there is not one way for anything. FLETC