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6 The Power And Keen Learned Belgium 1975

Euthanasia is time 26Jan43 taxying aug 21 839 to training of the greatest Rock Groups of all time. Great site, I saw blue oyster cult for the first time December 26th 1975, at the Aragon ballroom. I was shocked to that this web site shows as the opening band. That is a mistake because that night the opening act was Artful Dodger then Rush, then boc. If you check the date november 29th 1974 at the aragon was the date that band played. and the way they went over from what I heard I doubt any promoter would have made that mistake twice. Please check it out... I did... and all indications are that is right about Alex being on the Nov 74 show and not this one, I've made the change. I also read on the fan forum the following post from Artful Dodger's bass player: I began keeping a list of tour dates 1976, but records for 1975 are a little sketchy, you be helping me out, rather than the other way around. We did indeed play two back-to-back nights at the Aragon Ballroom late '75 as the opening act on a three-act show each night. recollection is that while we played both nights, the other bands were different. I 't remember exactly who played each night, but the bands that I recall were Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, and... Iron I do remember that two other bands played each night, and three of them were Rush, BOC, and Iron B. What I do remember clearly is that we were soundly booed! Before we played a note! The crowd wanted no part of us. We artfully dodged quite a few projectiles. The next night the stagehands couldn't believe we came back for more abuse. They were laughing it up... and we got basically the same response. However, we came back on 30 and opened for Sweet and and got a much better response. the Aragon's own site mentions that BOC played on 26 Dec 1975 and for 27 December 1975, it gives a line-up of: Nugent Artful Dodger and Iron that's a sort of corroboration. At the Kiss show Nassau County Coliseum on New Years the BOC road crew were being used as pawns a game of leverage being waged by our management the Kiss management with the promoter the middle... Basically each time Kiss informed us of effect that they were going to prevent us from using, our management would tell us to pack the gear the truck.... The 3rd time I closed the door on that truck I informed all concerned that I was done for the evening would be seeking employment elsewhere the future. I remember this show pretty well. It was New Years We drove for about two hours to get to the show and then waited line for aboout another six hours. Back those days Blue Oyster Cult used to sell out large arenas especially on Island, being that they're from Oyster Bay Island. Back those days they also used to have what they call General admission Concerts there was no pre-assigned seating. everyone would rush and pack the area front of the stage. When the lights finally went out for the show to start every one was pretty psyched. Then this with acoustic guitar comes out and starts playing this lame folk sounding stuff. He didn't last people started throwing things at him and half way through the second he left It was not the right place for that type of music. Then I this fat silhouette walk on stage and he just started ripping at the guitar. It was Leslie West I believe the other guitarist with him that night was from Spooky Tooth. They were great, although I 't remember what they played. Then BOC played. I would have to say back those days one of the highlights of the show was the five guitars. You know when Bouchard would put down his drum sticks and pick up axe. It was like a wall of sound. I seem to remember that Last days of was especially hot that night. Then Kiss played. This was the height of their Kiss Alive days with all the make up and blood and fire etc... They basically played the live album. Well it was a great show all around and just the beginning of a list of Blue Oyster Cult shows for me. About Search Results YP The Real Yellow Pages SM helps you find the right local businesses