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And never forget specialist group and 1 i can barely is now compulsory for all puppies NSW. Microchip implantation must be done by 12 weeks of age Registration is handled by the council and must be done by 6 months of age. You'll save money by desexing your dog registration. Unless you're serious about breeding, then all dogs, both males and females, should be desexed at 5 months of age. As well as stopping unwanted breeding, it makes them happier, healthier pets. There is no maximum age at which a dog can be desexed, but there are definite medical and behavioural advantages performing the surgery at this age. Desexing reduces aggression, wandering and urine marking. Serious illnesses such as uterine infection, breast cancer and prostate problems can be prevented by desexing. A high-quality balanced diet is very important. Your pup has different nutritional requirements than adult dog, including extra protein for muscle development and calcium for bone growth. We recommend a premium complete balanced commercial puppy foodg. or Pups should be fed 3 small meals a day until 4 months of age, then twice daily until fully grown. With a proper balanced diet, calcium and vitamin supplements are unnecessary and we advise against using them. Make sure that your pup always has access to clean water and change it daily. bones are important to the health of your dog's teeth and gums, and should be given 2 times per week. Training begins as as you get your puppy home. Toilet training and basic commands can be taught at early age. Puppies have a sensitive period of development called the socialisation period. It occurs from about 4 weeks of age. It's very important to socialise your puppy with other dogs and other people during this time. But you must also protect your dog from exposure to contagious diseases. Puppy Pre-school is excellent and safe way to provide this social contact for your dog. It also teaches your pup good manners, basic obedience and educates you on the development and basic care of your puppy. It is also lots of fun! I live Chicago with wife, two wonderful children and Sheltie, Linus. I have been fortunate to use all experiences that I have had to increase skills and persistance necessary to run a successful dog training business. From Journalism degree and experience studying with Donaldson San to living a tent Alaska for a combined with professional career of graphic designer, art director, internet consultant and creative director they have all given me different skill sets to work with people and dogs. Thanks, Jeff Millman Chicago Paws, LLC Watch and Train, LLC Besides busy private dog training business, I also started online website appropriately named Watch and Train. I am currently redoing the site, but you can still find helpful EBooks, training harnesses, and phone or email support. Although after 10 years of instruction the founders of the Academy parted ways with the SFSPCA to new ventures, the experiences and knowledge gained at the Academy is something that I to this day. Donaldson is still considered innovator and brilliant mind the positive reinforcement dog training world. Thanks to loyal, happy clients, I was the recipient of the 2004st Runner Up award the category of Best Dog Trainer Chicagoland Tails magazine. Considering all of the competition this area, I am very proud of this accomplishment. I attended two intensive Clicker Training seminars led by Karen Pryor, renowned animal trainer and behaviorist. The success I made for myself previous career as a consultant, culminating work as a Creative Director at Inforte, helped hone client service skills and creativity to solve problems and produce results. I provided internet direction for clients across the U.S. important, that success allowed me to follow this dream of a life devoted to strengthening the bond between people and dogs. Through first-hand experience I also appreciate people's busy schedules and strive to design a strategy to help you have a rich relationship with your dog within the confines of your busy schedule. My undergraduate degree Journalism and Fine Arts helped lay the foundation for solid research, setting and meeting deadlines, attentive listening and clear communication both the written and visual form. Review this store Sizes: Medium Dog Medium Dog 500x 900mm flea free replacement covers for Pet Pillow frame bed Please note when putting a pet Pillow replacement cover onto a Pet Pillow Bed Frame you already have at home, If the cover is too short even though you have purchased the right size. You need to stretch the cover over the frame to fit. Note this is not a fault.. 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