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Programs books your veterinarian run either or out vacation arrangements her toys between feet and she loves the challenge of extracting them. Thankfully, she has quietened down a lot from those early days of running round mad and jumping up, although there's still a way to go! She has the most wonderful personality, not a gentle way, but a fun- loving, Marley and Me way, we never know what to expect, except her which is all- consuming and, safe to say, the whole family is madly with her and couldn't imagine life without her. She is a very tactile dog nowadays and loves being touched, stroked, tickled and scratched, when husband does it she almost falls asleep, and she invariably lies legs akimbo on her back when resting, a sure sign that she is completely at one with her 'new' family. is just over 20 weeks now and is even more gorgeous than she was when we came down to pick her up. She is a real pleasure to have around and wouldn't ever be without her, fact we're thinking about getting her a sister the future, probably when she is a year or old. We definitely be coming back to yourselves! Mojo settled very well with us and has surprised us how easy he has been far. Writing this probably tempt fate and he'll turn into a little monster, but hopefully he stay as lovely as he is. As you'll from the photos, he's had a taste for water from very early days, starting off by thinking he was able to walk on it over the netting over our pond! He now has his own paddling pool for cooling off the warm weather and jumps any rivers, ponds or the sea at every opportunity. He spends most days with husband while he is at work, but is still a mummy's boy and loves his cuddles and belly tickles are getting on like a house on fire! The house dog training is also going very well of course it always helps when there is a titbit of meat on offer as a reward!! I am enclosing a photograph of the girls taken on Saturday 4 February 2012 whilst we were on our walk the snow. I thought you might like to know that Nutmeg has passed her Kennel Club puppy training and starts the beginners class next week. She even has a certificate and can send for a She loves going to the training class though is a complete nutcase on arrival as she wants to play with every other dog and person............then once class starts she is the perfect pup At home she is at the much can I get away with stage!! She is also nipping next door and pinching their dogs toys and bones!! Luckily they are used to their barmy neighbours and i replace nicked bones and return the toys! The fact that she has a box full of her own is neither here nor there. She is adorable despite all of this and yellow lab Melrose is smitten despite the fact that she chewed his jowls and he ended up at the vets! I took her to the Gransden Show the other week to introduce her to different animals and for her to heavy machinery loads of people and other dogs. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and wasn't fazed at all but slept for hours afterwards! Thank you again for our bundle of fun, she is adorable..........most of the time!!! I just wanted to let you know that Oakie has settled beautifully. We have all totally fallen with her and she is the most wonderful dog. She hasn't had any accidents the house and seems to be house trained already. We are looking forward to happy years with her. Just to thank you for gorgeous puppy which was named He is fantastic, very good with his house training and growing each day. teenage children him and have never stayed home as much now I have crowds of kids visiting and his is getting thoroughly spoiled. He already knows several commands sit, down and NO. He does tend to