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On flame, gospel the lake michigan yea value for even South Ossetia is almost right next door, and I had never heard about South Ossetia. 2008 was about a year after I woke up to the Jews. I was Jew-aware but not Jew-wise yet. And I didn't know what to make of it. The war was discussed intense on the net. All Jewmedia's stance was that the Big Bad Russian Bear had attacked poor little innocent for no reason whatsoever. This went on a fortnight, then some commenter started to claim that it was that had attacked South Ossetia. Totally contradiction to from what we were told Jewmedia. Confusion to say the least. Then I started to read the Jews own paper like Jerusalem-Post and guess what? The Jews said their own words their own papers that the South Ossetian rulers were Jews. Minister of war a Jew. When you start to dig the issue the Jews are all over South Ossetia ruling. At first you simply refuse to believe it, but the fact is that the Jews were all over South Ossetia. The Jews them self admits this. point is that 2008 it took me two weeks to spot the Jews. Today as Jew-wise it take me two seconds to spot the Jews th -South Ossetia war. Read BN's short article again. What is the first thing BN does? Spot the Jews. Take any issues at any time history and spot the Jews. The question is NOT if is a Jew Mossad false flag operation. Because you ALWAYS assume that it is a Mossad Jew false flag operation until proven NOT guilty. First you spot the Jew then you nail the Jew to the floor. If the Jew is innocent? Let the Jew prove that he is innocent. Not the other way around. the Jews propaganda machine to talk about the Jews is only the mind of paranoid, insane Jewhaters. To spot and nail the Jew -South Ossetia is paranoid Jewhating insanity? Oh, well the Jews themselves claim that Jews was all over South Ossetia. You can prove that the Jews were not involved over their ears South Ossetia? What happened South Ossetia was a prelude to the Putin-Russia bashing you today. has recognized Palestine. What we now a Mossad instigated false flag operation. The Jews shifting focus to the Muslims, divide and conquer goyim to think that being anti-Islam is freedom of speech and pro-democracy. I grew up a big sea port town, population a half million. I saw first Negro real life the 70s. I never saw a Muslim until I traveled to and London the 80s. Today you can go to the most remote small village the far north of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the first thing you are Negroes and Muslims. I was town a year ago and there was whole trams filled with Negroes and Muslims. Hardly any white people. And this is a city of a half million. It was the Jew-ruled that started to let Africa and the Muslims inside the gates. What the Jews want is to make white people a minority their own country and wreck a civil war on white people, and that is what the Mossad false flag operation is all about. About six years ago, after I woke up to the Jews I told older that we have been brainwashed for decades to hate Muslims. His response was: -It's older than that. It started after Munich 1972. I asked him at least five times if he was sure about the date and he was extremely explicit on the date when the Muslim bashing started. And it fit the time line. The communist Jews gave up Soviet as their proxy war machine for Jew world conquest the early 60s and joined the Zionist Jews Washington DC and decided that is going to be the Jews proxy war machine for Jew world conquest. the 60s the Jew fraud Cold War was outdated. The War on the Muslims was what replaced the Jew fraud Cold war, and that shift took place 1972 with the Jew Mossad false flag operation Munich Olympics massacre. The Munich Olympics massacre was the prelude to the Jew fraud War on terror. Jew media we are told that the attack on the satirical paper Hebdo is attack from the Muslim world on everything the West holds holy. Freedom of speech. Okay, freedom of speech, did Hebdo publish anything that bashed the Jews? One actually did and he got fired and told to apologize to the Jews. From understanding all the shoddy paper Hebdo did was to bash Muslims wholesale, but not a word or a cartoon about the Jews. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid now, but it just hit me that Hebe is Jew. Heb-do. Hebdo Jews do? You can say anything about the