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To 178th assault mobility instructor time i run education raccoons But the story here is the numbers. Blue collar people are FAR more likely to be vulgar, one-dimensional, and complacent. White collar generally understand the need for a CULTURE. Broad-mindedness and personal development is VERY important to the white collar. Conversely, these aims are NOT at all important to most blue collar people. fact, they are actually proud to be simple. The white collar is not the same as he was 10 years earlier or especially 10 years before that. The blue collar 's maturity fixates at that of a teenager- same low-brow ribald humor, same day-to-day mentality. White collar people are 'self-conscious'. I mean this a very good way. Before we behave, we consider how it affect people around us. We make sure we are not loud, vulgar or disruptive public because we know it bother others. Blue collar are just the opposite. They use the public as the perfect forum to assert their ego driven dominance. They meddle the affairs of strangers. They curse freely and with the obnoxious attitude of if you have a problem with it, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!. Because they know white collar people react defensively and almost never initiate, when mixed company blue collar people purposely start attacks on gray area topics; hoping to instigate innocent bystanders. It is for these reasons and more that I implore people with a white collar spirit to dissociate from these persons. Though I truly despise the manner which you have made your argument I cannot deny the basic truths of it. I am a builder and am daily surrounded by other people of ilk, whilst personal circle of friends and family are generally white collar. Having work friends and personal friends divided, there is no doubt mind that the blue collar are GENERAL less intelligent. I know that blue collars be up arms at betrayal, they can not deny that if the two types were held side by side for comparison, the blue collar has a lower base end intelligence Of course the higher end of this intelligence chart would be much more comparable, but I'll still give the edge to white collar. HOWEVER, the part of your argument that I disagree with, is the gross generalisation of, and fact, exaggeration of the white collars virtues, while inverse treatment is given to the blue collars. Whilst there is a cultural disparity between the two classes, I do not believe it to be the great divide you are describing. According to the picture you paint, on one hand we have a Utopian class of free thinkers who are constantly engrossed expanding their minds, and on the other, a seething mass of ape-like men who are solely seeking to satiate their base desires of gratification, blood-lust and chemical oblivity. Based on observations, which are solely own sadly cannot be regarded as empirical, this divide is much closer than you would have people believe. The white collar population is not en masse flipping through the Great Books nor are they strolling through the ruins of ancient Rome and Athens. YES, the percentage of culturally leaning people amongst the white collars is higher. YES they have a higher level of education. However, they have achieved their education simply as a tool, not because they truly have a thirst for knowledge. White collars sit on their couches on a Friday night sucking back beers and cheering their favourite sports team. YES, blue collar people have a larger percentage of the lower end of the gene pool. YES, they have a lower mean academic level. But they too enjoy also enjoy wine tasting, and travelling. They are restricted by their means to the level which they can pursue these desires. They are not baser, or more atavistic people. They are simply, on the lower