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Can find 5 enough sample here to helping dogs involves day of rest! I'm giving up. I have taken dogs to obedience here the past and thought I would take new dog. I've called and left three messages over the past two weeks with no response. I clearly stated name, number and that I was interested the obedience class. And no call back. Not one. This place is right by house too. How totally annoying. When you think of the typical bootcamp for dogs, a completely positive training facility probably doesn't come to mind. I know it didn't for me. So when a friend told me about Paw Law's very effective positive training methods even for aggressive dogs I had to give it a try. Our dog was a stray through her puppyhood, and at about 1 year of age, was carried into the kill shelter as close to death as the shelter workers had ever seen. As a volunteer at animal rescue at the time, I fostered and then adopted her. She is dog aggressive due to her terrible fear of dogs she doesn't know. the founder of Paw Law, met with us privately for close to two hours and really got to know She then started us on a very specific bootcamp at home for two solid weeks, which taught that she relies on us for everything, including keeping her safe. also taught us exactly what to do when we take on walks. After two weeks of following her instructions completely, the change is astounding. I can't say that she's completely fearless now, but we can immediately get her to focus on us, trust us, and continue on her walk without terrible behavior when she comes upon another dog....and it's been only two weeks! We're already going to give 's small group classes a try, and we're extremely optimistic. I can't possibly recommend and Paw Law more highly. is a certified dog trainer with 19 years of experience. Paw Law offers puppy through competition obedience, agility, flyball, dock diving, and disc training. Behavioral problems, such as aggression, excessive barking, fearfulness, etc., are addressed private training sessions. Since 2004, Paw Law's doggy daycare and day training has been a hit with the busy dog owner. addition, Paw Law offers boarding on a limited basis for our existing clients. Established 1997. 1995 adopted a dog and named her After several months started to show signs of aggression towards other dogs. went on a quest to modify 's behavior She went to dog trainer after dog trainer. Each trainer told me to correct for her bad behavior. Corrections included prong collars, shock collars, alpha roller overs, punching, kicking, etc. These corrections only made her problem worse. Who could blame her? Every time she even looked at another dog, mom tried to kill her. 1997, found a different kind of trainer, one who relied on positive reinforcement to teach alternative behaviors when other dogs were present. less than a year her default behavior was see another dog look at mom and get a treat. 's transformation amazed much that she quit her lawyer job and started Paw Law. graduated from UIC with degrees psychology and anthropology. 1990 she graduated from IIT College of Law and she practiced Environmental Law for 10 years. However, 1998, she started private lessons teaching humans how to train their dogs. She was happy working with dogs and unhappy practicing law, that late 1999, she gave up law entirely, rented the basement of a veterinarian and started Paw Law dog training classes. Within 2 years Paw Law needed more space and rented a storefront to hold classes. 2004, Paw Law expanded again and started offering daycare and drop off training. Here at Dogology our philosophy is to fulfill the whole dog. Just like the body needs good nutrition order to function at its best, the mind needs stimulation order to thrive. Training your dog is about much more than just teaching them basic commands. It is about developing a deep bond between you and your dog. One of trust, respect and understanding that ultimately make you and your dog's life easier. Whether your goal is to modify unwanted behaviors, prevent bad behavior, provide mental exercise, or to learn to communicate more effectively, we can help. Just like every human is unique, is every dog. At Dogology we tailor the style and methods of training to suit you and your specific situation. The goal should not only be to make a better dog, but also, to make a better human. Come by or call our facility for more information about our classes, private sessions and -home training. We are proud to offer training appointments seven days a week, and have