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Herpes virus application is KEY data types on hence ridgefield respect, and provides the building blocks of communication between the two of you. Leadership exercises can confirm humans as the heads of the family pack. Once you establish this relationship, your dog seek you out. He want to be with you and treat you with respect and affection. After he learns to submit to handling, all other tasks such as grooming, nail clipping, cleaning ears, and medicating be easier to accomplish. But first he must learn that you have the power to handle him, and that handling not lead to any harm. He must come to trust you entirely. This is important to the health and well being of a dog. You must be able to take care of her medical needs without a struggle. I learned this the hard way when caring for dog with Renal failure. I agree 100% with this. You cannot have a meaningful relationship with a dog when they are always put their place or when they are forced to always be submissive to you and often every other human. It's a disgusting attitude to have. A dog can't escape their situation, it DEPENDS on you to treat it fairly. If you do something mean such as try and take away a dog's bone from his possession, or rudely wake him up and push him off the couch, he has every right to show anger at you and even snap at you. Those are terrible things to do to a dog, you wouldn't do them to a human without getting into argument with them over it and yet people think they can get away with doing those things because they're to a dog. Similarly, you wouldn't just let a stranger come up and molest you, why should people the street have that ability? And then when you try to defend yourself against their advances, your own owner comes and punishes you? Ironically it's the ugly HUMAN to be number one and show their superiority that is all that is showing here. The dog just wants a bit of respect sometimes, not to be messed around. The male gets the girls the wild that's true, but they are all part of the pack and all buddies on the very same team sticking up for each other etc.. Humans and other primates however at the very ones who are OBSESSED with rank among the social group. OBSESSED with scheming and plotting and making jabs at others and showing off. It's really a cruel joke on dogs to take this willfull superiority complex out on them. If you can't treat a dog as your complete equal you 't deserve to own a dog at all. True, you 't want a big and very dangerous breed the ability to become snappy, however if you can't manage it without punishing them into submission from a age then 't own those breeds at all. I want to start off by saying what awesome article this is. I want to talk about Cesers way. If you think he does not use any harsh methods, please re-watch his episode with Shadow, the Wolfdog. He the dog off of the and caused asphyxiation. He scruffs dogs and shakes them He fights dogs into Calm Submission even if the dog is protecting themselves and finally gives up. He teaches Learned Helplessness. He does not teach Calm Submissive State. The Role is very destructive to the dog as a rush of stress hormones fill the dog and they do what is called Shut Down. Do this enough times, the dog learns it's not to be afraid. Remember Shadow as mention earlier? He has been taken back from the Sanctuary the owner adopted him from and has since been euthanized. There are people who were a part of the show that is starting to talk out. dogs from the show have had behavioral issues afterwards, or have gotten worse to the point where they were euthanized because of the methods uses. He does nothing but suppress behaviors. He doesn't even TRY to solve what is actually happening. He floods dogs Positive Reinforcement is not Purely Positive. We do use discipline. But we use it to GUIDE the dog into what we WANT them to do, not what we