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City state park, their hands germany certain, times I'm severe scratch, bite or lick themselves excessively. Canine skin disorders are a complex topic. Some dogs can spend hours running through fields, digging holes and rolling around the grass with no after effects at all. Others spend most of their time indoors and have excellent diet, but still experience severe itching. Skin problems be the result of one or more of a wide range of causes and the list of potential remedies and treatments is even longer! It's by no means possible to cover all of them this article. What we to do is give you a broad outline of the main categories and causes of Schnauzer skin conditions. We recommend you seek advice from your vet or a canine nutrition expert if your Schnauzer has a problem. Most Schnauzer skin conditions need to be diagnosed by your vet. Before he or she can do that, you'll have to tell him or her all about your dog's diet, exercise regime and habits, medical history and local environment. The vet then carry out a thorough physical examination, possibly followed by further tests, before he or she can prescribe the correct treatment. Canine dermatitis means inflammation of the dog's skin and it can be triggered by a great number of things. These causes can be divided into several categories. They are: Environmental or Contact Irritations. These are often considered to be allergies. But they aren't really. These Schnauzer skin conditions are a direct reaction to something the dog physically comes into contact with. It could be as simple as grass, specific plants or other animals. Other possible triggers include dry carpet shampoos, caustic irritants, new carpets or cement dust. The irritation be restricted to the part of the dog such as the underneath of the paws or belly which has touched the offending object Symptoms are skin irritation either a general problem or specific hotspots itching and sometimes hair loss. Diet and Food Allergies Without proper food a dog's whole body not just his skin and coat continuously be under stress. Cheap dog foods bulked up with grains and other ingredients can cause problems. If you do feed your dog a dry commercial dog food then make sure that the first ingredient listed on the sack is meat or poultry. Having said that, there is considerable anecdotal evidence that dogs with nutritional skin problems can do well on a purely vegetarian diet. Another option is to put your Schnauzer on a high protein pure meat diet. Both of these options are expensive and time consuming for the owner, but can have impressive results some cases. Parasites When you your dog scratching and biting, your first thought is probably: He's got fleas! and you well be right. Fleas 't fly, but they do have very strong back legs and they take any opportunity to jump from the ground or another animal into your Schnauzer's lovely warm coat. You can often the fleas if you part your dog's fur. With Schnauzer skin conditions, parasites would be the first things to eliminate. There are plenty of commercial solutions such as Frontline and Advantix for fleas, ticks and other parasites. Other parasites include mange, ear mites, lice and ticks. Allergies Allergies are one of the most common causes of Schnauzer skin conditions. This is a BIG subject, whole books have been written on the topic.. Here are some of the main points a nutshell: Inhalant Allergies. Substances which can cause allergic reaction dogs are similar to those causing allergies humans and include pollens, trees, other animals, dust mites and mold. A clue to diagnosing these allergies is to look at the timing of the