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Viscount and durable sturdy and willed pup improve generate light MEDICINE AWARD. This was given to her for her dedicated global service and work alternative medicine. She has also been nominated for the prestigious Seva-Chakra Award, which was formerly won by the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa. This is a very high honor and all of us at the Herbal Healer Academy are very proud. 1988 Dear Marijah McCain, Last night, as I was alone travelling for 12 hours, I had the opportunity to listen to you on tape. outrage and anger towards the allopathic industry was intense that tears were pouring down cheeks. Often, I had to stop the tapes order to process the entirety of this serious problem, this evil overtaking our nation and other parts of the world. I am now part way through the herbology course, and I have been moved and awakened by those lessons. However, hearing your own outrage and words heightened awareness even more. I do intend to become ND, activist and educator. I had been searching for the right program, and I knew for certain that your program is what I have been searching for. 1988 Dear Marijah McCain On October 15, ex-medical doctor, with the help of ultra sound and high blood counts on liver function, diagnosed condition as hepatitis-A with enlarged fatty liver, with only 5% still functioning. Nothing could be done, I was told to get living and legal affairs up to date. On November 1, I started taking the HHA 4- tea, 2 oz. 3 times per day. On 9 I was feeling good, with no pain, I put all thirteen prescription drugs away! Continuing the HHA 4- tea and as per Marijah McCain I started taking Prosylymarin Plus and the Liver On 6, I went to a medical doctor for a blood test. All liver functions were normal, no liver swelling fact all blood results were normal with a blood pressure of 132. I am 65 years old and the way I feel today is unbelievable. You are right Marijah McCain 't ever give up Shipping charges be figured at the time of the processing of your order. Your items ship via USPS or FedEx depending upon product being shipped, weight of package, box size and shipping destination. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we constantly strive to offer the BEST shipping rates for everyone! General Manager of Wigwamen Incorporated since 1998, Angus has overall responsibility for the management of Wigwamen's 665 unit portfolio. As General Manager, his responsibilities include, but are not limited to, human resource management; -range financial planning; and government relations. He took a lead role the development of Wigwamen Waabnong, the award-winning transitional and affordable housing project constructed at 20 Sewells Road; Place Perrault, Wigwamen's affordable housing project Ottawa; and the new Pan Am Parpan Am Games Affordable Housing Legacy project the West Donlands area of downtown Toronto. Prior to joining Wigwamen, he worked as a Development Consultant, assisting the development of 24 different non-profit and co-operative housing projects totaling over 800 units throughout Ontario, and assisting the management of non-profit housing projects. Angus has also played active role his community, having served on the Boards of Directors of the Sudbury District Local Housing Authority, Agincourt Community Services Association, and Access Housing Connections Inc., and having been Secretary of two non-profit housing corporations. his spare time he enjoys hiking the Trail, reading, and listening to classical music. L. Tootoosis is from Bkejwanong Territory, Delaware Nation and is a registered member of Poundmaker Nation. From 2009, attended and received Advanced Ontario College Diploma Human Resources Management from Sir Sandford Fleming College and a Bachelors of Business Administration degree from University. 2012, completed a Masters of Arts Public Policy and Administration at Ryerson University. Prior to joining Wigwamen, worked for a regional municipal government, provincial Indigenous organizations, and various provincial ministries. This experience has provided critical insight into government policies and issues related to housing, social services, education, poverty and child welfare. his spare