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Album one control VIII, KP151 it's (free, a the food for his teaching that stressed 'proper piano touch' and employed analysis of arm movements, and that was brought to international recognition through his publishing of several books on his techniques. He also founded a piano school 1900 with of his pupils going on to define a distinct school of 20th century pianism. these included Bowen, Hess, Curzon and Norton. Matthay 1907 built a grand house, High Marley, the Surrey Hills near Haslemere where he would hold of his classes, and where was to eventully die at the grand age of 87. We have included this poor eight-year-old murder victim within our listing on the grounds that she unwittingly touched the nation's heart the 19th century and become immortalised the language of English slang. Adams was murdered by a solicitors clerk near her home when he persuaded her to accept a halfpenny to buy some sweets but after refusing to accompany him was abducted and murdered a nearby hop field. The jury only took fifteen minutes to reach a unanimous guilty verdict and 24-year-old Baker was hanged on Christmas just four months after the murder. The poor girl became immortalised when 1869 the Navy introduced new rations of tinned mutton which singularly unimpressed the service's ratings and they macabrely referred to the contents as the butchered remains of Adams. The slang term of Adams' or 'Sweet Adams' quickly became popular to mean 'nothing at all'. The large tins the new mutton rations were contained also doubled as mess tins which to this day are still referred to as 'Fannys'. Entry suggested by Creator of the character Holmes lived at Hindhead near Haslemere. His short stories about Holmes' adventures were originally published and featured the countryside around Haslemere and the Devils' Punchbowl nearby. Conan 's house, Undershaw, nestling a hollow by the busy A3 at Hindhead, is now derelict and the subject of a campaign to save it. Founders of the socialist think-tank the Fabian Society 1884, they built Passfield Corners near Liphoo k. Both were members of the Labour party and took active interest politics throughout their lives. Having entered the House as MP 1923 was created Baron Passfield 1929. He served as Secretary of State to Ramsay MacDonald. was the granddaughter of Radical MP Potter and was active partner all of her husband's political and professional activities including the establishment of the London School of Economics. Distinguished artist acclaimed for his paintings of birds, Thorborn lived at High Leybourne Hascombe near Godalming. Frequently exhibited at the Academy he enjoyed the patronage of V particular. He provided illustrations for and the latter publishing 268 watercolours of his. Some of his original work can be seen at Godalming Museum. MORE ON THE ARTIST A resident Tilford near Farnham at the confluence of the north north and south branches of the Wey, novelist created and wrote novels including here. Pan first appeared 1901. MORE HERE The Liberal politician and Prime Minister lived for most of the between war years Churt near Hindhead with his erstwhile lover and later to be wife, Stevenson. His tenure office, much of the time as Chancellor of the Exchequer, providing the opportunity for him to play the role as a key figure the introduction of reforms including laying the foundations for the modern welfare state. He was the last Liberal to be Prime Minister, a responsibility he excelled at having guided Britain through the First World War to victory. He was also instrumental negotiating a new world order after the Great War at the Peace Conference of 1919. owned the farm Bron-y-de at Churt where he lived for twenty years after his stint as the Liberal Prime Minister. Footage from a news feature filmed for Fox News 1928 has been preserved by the National Screen and Sound of Wales. the clip he is shown with his family and pets the garden. The 1868-built 16-room hotel The Pride of the Valley at Churt is a mausoleum to and has remarkable decor of decorative ceilings, oak paneling and sculptures. Author who also wrote under the pseudonym Bourne and who immortalised the family business lived Farnham and The Lower Bourne all his life. He also wrote about rural crafts and affairs. The family wheelwright business founded 1706 was located East Street, Farnham but fell to the coming of the motor car. Sturt is celebrated a permanent exhibition at Farnham Museum. The wife of racing driver Locke-, Dame Locke- was a motor-racing promoter and hospital patron living Weybridge. Her husband created the first permanent motor race-track the world at Brooklands, and 1907 she led the inaugural procession of cars on to the track her open Itala effect becoming the first woman to drive on the circuit. Dame Locke-, purchased a plot of land Balfour Road to create Weybridge's cottage hospital 1889 which was donated to the trustees of the hospital. Snowden l ived at Woodlarks Tilford near Farnham whilst working closely with Ramsey MacDonald to develop the Labour Party into a political movement. As the Labour party's first Chancellor of the Exchequer his debating skills were legendary. Snowden married a leading suffragette, Annakin, and became a prominent supporter of the movement. He was created Viscount Snowden. The painter and illustrator lived Wormely, near Witley having bought a house from the artist Helen Allingham 1888. Born into a wealthy family