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The premises 6660th around, services been just dash 9 bird exotic, undomesticated animals, and realizations through that process that there are a LOT of effective ways to train animals beyond just the carrot and stick methods taught by nearly all trainers. It is that on this website I can help you come to that same realization too Five year old pit bull Capo was the perfect dog except for his separation anxiety. He became panic stricken and was very destructive when left home alone. For years, Dave and Alicia could not leave the house unless they took Capo with them. They tried crate training, but he broke out of every crate. They tried doggy daycare, but on the very first day he damaged the room, injured himself and was asked not to return. But Dave and Alicia refused to give up, and their story has a happy ending! The Schipperke breed are big dogs small bodies. Their intelligence, curiosity and drive have earned them a reputation for getting into trouble at home. this video, explains how the Canine Dimensions Puppy GoodStart -home training program helped transform her energetic pup into obedient companion. adopted 9 week old from a local shelter. Because she had been disappointed with group training the past, decided to try Canine Dimensions -home puppy training, vowing to make the best dog he can be! this video, celebrating 's 1st birthday, looks back on their journey together. and Rob opened their home and hearts to Gibbs, a Shepherd with some health problems. They quickly brought him back to good health but then they discovered a problem they had not anticipated his frightening, aggressive lunging and pulling on the leash when he saw other dogs during walks. Not willing to give up on Gibbs, they reached out to Canine Dimensions for help. I was impressed by the moment we met. She taught me how to talk to pup. She's really a dog psychologist! She saw what was feeling and totally communicated that to me. went from a leash pulling, unpredictable dog to a well behaved, easy to walk treasure. taught me to read his body language and own as well. I would recommend her services to everyone who needs a little or a lot of help. husband and I are thankful for and her help with our dog, Although I had owned dogs throughout life, I was absolutely unprepared for the behavior problems that displayed practically the moment we brought him home from the rescue organization--biting, jumping, whining, and flipping out around squirrels, among others. has worked with us to find numerous solutions that work for our dog. When did not seem to respond to one method of training, was able to quickly adapt and move on to Plan B. She seemed to have endless bag of tricks to pull from for every problem we had! I also loved the flexibility of 's training as opposed to other programs we looked into. I liked how we could schedule a session when was ready for the next step as opposed to committing to every week at a certain time, which could never work with schedule. And is easily accessible by phone or email if you have a question between training sessions. Out of everything we have gained from 's training methods, the most important to me has been the confidence that husband and I would be able to continue 's progress between our training sessions. And a matter of weeks, we practically had a new dog! Thanks to Canine Dimensions, we are better able to direct 's energy and he has become the affectionate and attentive companion we always knew was him. I adopted from the Humane society after visiting him with a friend and her toddler. He was very energetic and seemed to be good with children. This was important for me because I want to be able to take him with me when I visit friends and family who have small children. His paperwork said he was 5 years old, I thought he would be a good choice for me. He was well behaved the first few days the home and then he began to have some problems, especially with the leash during walks. He jumped all over anyone who came into apartment and quickly became over excited; he is very strong and his excitement often led to scratches and bruises from jumping. While on walks he seemed to spontaneously