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Costs are never, poodle 2 treatamins west tucson with afternoon I do change the position with hotter rounds. The Army and Marines use separate FMs MCRPs respectively for all aspects of smalls arms marksmanship training. The Army's FM does have Palms Support as a grip technique, while the Marines MCRP 3B does not, however the reference pub does have palm support as technique for shooting the prone, using the supporting hand on the and firing and and pistol pressing down on the supporting palm. Thanks for the info. experience is varied. I have done pistol courses with Army Navy instructors. While they emphasized the IPSC style they did show and let shooters use other grips if they were more comfortable with them. For example, women liked the Palm Supported better with the M9. those courses I took with FLETC instructors they did the same but hammered home the IPSC styles. The problem with small arsm training the conventional military is that most coaching is done by people. The guys with the most experience have moved beyond coaching and the range is run by a 2Lt learning how to run ranges. The coaches often are whoever is around. The result is that most training is at best adequate and units can rarely ever progress. This years training is the same as last as we have a new batch of leaders who need OJT and a new batch of recruits who have to start from scratch. Apart from being fun on the tax payers dime this is why places like Gunsite are popular with the military- the coaches are professionals. I was a school certified instructor the Marines. The course I went through was actually pretty good. The real issue is shooters not listening to instructors. I’d tell me friends do this something to improve their accuracy and then they don’t do it. Then I literally take their weapon and do what I told them. They the results and were surprised. People can be stubborn. But there is a cost to ignoring a military instructor isn't there? Again you have the problem Major X comes to the range and is clueless but the coach can't correct him if he doesn't want to learn. Of course the E-5 can't teach him anything because the has been to grad school to study the Peloponnesian War and nuclear counter-strike theory. NO! If thy're not using the currently-popular-this-month thumb-up-your-ass grip that ALL the best guys IPSC IDPA LMNOP are using, then its physically impossible for them to be accurate or control recoil. Literally impossible. And a year from now when everyone IPSC is using even newer cooler grip, then THAT become the only grip that anyone can ever or has ever used to fire a gun. I read all about it Tactical SWAT Shooting Handgunner Monthly. Lighten up, Its a fing joke. Also, nice double-combo straw- and reductio ad absurdum. Using logical fallacies is a sure sign of a weak intellect and inability to construct a legitimate argument. I'll leave it as exercise for the student to determine what using a compound logical fallacy means. And just because things evolve doesn't make the previous iteration any less effective than it was before. A new corvette is a better car every way than a 10 year old one. But that 10 year old vette still get you down the road, and still drive pretty fast. Folks on here be actin like if you 't shoot with a perfect Leatham grip there's no way you'll even hit the target. Its a bit ridiculous. Please spare me with your BS and trying to sound intelligent. Hey if it was a joke, fine. You suck at jokes too. And speaking of weak intellect, you used exact