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Enthusiasts developed around the premises playtime the big conditioning sessions Blue Line K-9!!! We had come out and help with our 18 month old rescue Lab Weimaraner mix and her advice has helped tremendously. was friendly, explained things perfectly, and made it easy to understand. We definitely use her again when it comes time for us to do the e-collar training. and his team truly care about their clients and their canine companions. Rare is the trainer who has fully researched, and truly understands, the scientific and psychological concepts which influence modern dog training theories. This research and expertise is what sets apart and makes him a truly unique and valuable trainer. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend the team of trainers at Blue Line K-9 to anyone, from the new puppy owner to experienced dog owners. Blue Line K-9 help make sense of the sometimes contradictory and confusing world of dog training and ensure that you and your pup bond ways that are healthy and responsible. The owner himself, took almost hour of his free time, unpaid, to give me advice and tell me he didn't think I needed training at this time for dog. I've never met someone honest and caring about animals and their owners to help them for free and not take advantage of making money. Never been more grateful to someone! I took his advice and because of it dog and child can live peacefully and stress free! When I do need training I'll never go anywhere else!. the last 10 years, we've helped over 1200 people develop lifelong relationships with their canine companions. Our methods are a little different. We focus on trust and affection between dog and person. We train people to be leaders for their dogs, not drill sergeants. Our training is fun for both of you. That's the way we think it should be. CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA, CABC, CGC Evaluator plus CCAP 2 Ganley is one of those people who finds and solace being with dogs. She is happiest their company and proud to have earned their trust. She has experienced the deeply civilized conversations that happen between well trained dogs and their handlers. She she is a better person more just, more open-minded, much kinder and certainly happier because of the friendship of her four-footed friends. 's approach to all behavioral problems is to help handlers identify how to apply their dog's reinforcements the dog learns self-control. This is done through management, and training programs that shape good choices prevent bad choices. specializes difficult dogs and has been very successful as both the behavior consultant referred to by veterinarian's and other trainers from all over New England and as a private consultant trainer for unruly and aggressive dogs. She is author of Changing People Changing Dogs. positive solutions for working with dogs. She is available for workshops and seminars throughout New England and uses a 70+-page training and management manual How To Create A Happy, Eager, Fun Relationship With Your Dog, or Changing Fear to Joy which are used her classes and private consultations. These resources are available for sale. is available for private consultations for behavioral issues or just normal puppy or adolescent skill work at your home or 's home East Andover or other training facilities around the area. For instance, on Thursdays at SAVES 63 Evans Drive Lebanon NH, The Outing Club, 10 Cougar Court, New London NH and at No Monkey Business Dog Training 141 Old Turnpike Rod Concord NH. Please contact or click here for more details about dog training with Learn how to play the ukulele right here, today. UkeSchool's free, easy online ukulele lessons for complete beginners. Tuning de-mystified, plus tip for pros. Interactive multimedia uke lessons guide your learning, from learning how to strum, to your very first chord, to jamming along with complex backing tracks. For the new ukulele player, we have 'beginners' lessons, that cover how to hold and strum a ukulele, plus all the basics of uke tuning. All it takes is one hour on your first day. This simple program trains you to strum a few basic ukulele chords properly and comfortably before you start looking at music books, chord charts, tuning diagrams, and tabs, so you won't have to figure it all out at once. More experienced players can explore a range of techniques, chords, licks, tuning tricks, grooves, and songs, with interactive demonstrations and rehersal activities. We compare uke vs. guitar, and offer skip-ahead tips for guitarists. Using the