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Reported mar 1981 assigned to about crashed big in group or mailing list archives, you suggestions or ideas that are dated. They even no longer apply later versions of ColdFusion or other CFML engines. Be aware also that even recent comments could reflect misunderstanding from people not aware of newer information, or today's world of twitter-level answers, often what's shared these media not provide enough info for you to make a truly informed decusion on a matter. If you're need of urgent assistance, you can get direct help from folks focused on providing such troubleshooting assistance. This is not ultimate list of all CF hosts. These are just some of the more widely-used and -named hosts who have specific CF support listed on their site If there is a specific on a host's site that talks more about CF hosting specifically, I have linked to that. But since web site links do change over time, if the fails or seems outdated, look to other pages on the host's site for more info. And be aware that some hosts not support the latest version, and some support only older versions, note that with regard to support and potential security issues. Still, there are hosts who support the latest edition. I've indicated below which support ColdFusion 2016, or 10, the currently supported versions as of 2016. Most hosts offer a choice of either shared, private dedicated, or virtual private servers Note that I point to one specific type for a given host, simply as representative of their CF-specific support. Again, the rest of their site for more plan options, including levels of management, updates, and coding that or not be offered. There are different hosting plans for different needs. At least there are options, and again these are only some. as well that I offer links to still other lists of CF hosts, after list below. The following either a) seem or are defunct, b) clearly no longer offering CF hosting, c) no longer mention CF hosting specifically anywhere on their site, or d) their site shows a CF version more than 3 releases old at time of checking Afpwebworks AHP Hosting CFMX Hosting eFree2net Enterhost FastHit Free ColdFusion Hosting GoDaddy Hosting Sozo Hosting Again, lists are not ultimate compendia, there well be other CF hosts who are defucnt or no longer support CF. The following resources can help someone either offering or looking for a CF job contract. Most let you post a listing for free, and are CF-specific. For the ones that are more generic, I did a seach for ColdFusion. You want to try CFML to be more broad, or of course you could search for Lucee, etc. if you use other CFML engines. Finally, consider also the new Google Jobs search result feature, which aggregates job sites. If you just search coldfusion jobs it default to looking for any near you. Of course there be none, for some locations. But if you're willing to move note that you can also search for a city, like coldfusion jobs washington dc and you find jobs there as well as near it as MD and VA, which is nice. But 't fall for the old wives' tale that DC is the only place left with CF jobs! I did this with search several US cities and it found at least several CF jobs for each, as of a check 2017. For international readers, I also tried searching outside the US and found none, but that was true of PHP jobs as well, I think it is US-only, perhaps for now, or perhaps the country-specific google domains serve up jobs for cities near that country. The following are defunct: Atlanta CF User Group jobs mailing list Bay Area CFUG jobs board Forta's jobs category on his blog CFBlogs jobs ColdBox CFML Jobs ColdFusion Careers CF General Job Opportunities Freelance CF gigs House of Fusion's CF Jobs forum mailing list JustColdFusionJobs Mid-Michigan CFUG list of jobs Gonda's list of CF Flex jobs WhoUsesColdFusion Jobs list The following seem defunct. You still get value looking into the wayback machine repository of old, archievd versions of these sites: Forta's ColdFusion section Nadel's ColdFusion Community CF developer community CFTagStore CFTips Plus DMOZ's ColdFusion section DZone's ColdFusion section Middleton's ColdFusion Tools List Oracle and CF tech tips Camden's CF resources Corfield's ColdFusion section, Torchbox CF XML resource site Google has a feature called Custom Search Engines where one can create a search mechanism that limits searches to a given set of sites, with the intention that this could produce a better topic-specific search. When this feature first came out, several people stepped up to create them. The following seem to be those that are more active and updated Besides the link link below