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Or accessory features to goff cooks for three years reinforcement better. Video is a fantastic way of demonstrating the kinds of techniques that I often write about. And there are now some outstanding dog training Youtube channels packed with great videos that are available to watch on Youtube, entirely free of charge. It really is a great resource for anyone hoping and wanting to train a puppy and raise a happy, well-behaved dog. Youtube is a vast and complex web. Each video channel lead you to more video channels. it can be very helpful to have a selection of ‘core' channels to revisit and focus on. In addition, there are sadly still some very inappropriate dog trainers out there, using old fashioned and punitive methods of training. I decided to compile a list of outstanding Youtube dog training channels to inspire and support you on your dog training journey All of the channels listed below use humane and largely science based modern training methods to teach the dogs featured on them. They are all different. Some are mostly tutorials or ‘how to' videos. Some are simply demos of what can be achieved through positive reinforcement training. They are not listed any particular order. I have looked for quality of instruction, entertainment, and variety of content. Here are top ten best dog training youtube channels. These videos help you give your puppy a great start! Swedish dog trainer Larlham is the woman behind Kikopup, one of the most comprehensive and thorough youtube dog training channels existence. Packed with instructional videos all aspects of dog training, Kikopup is ideal for beginners to positive reinforcement training as it has plenty of detailed videos on the building blocks of core obedience behaviours. Kikopup has over eighty-six thousand subscribers She has some excellent tutorials, and her videos are mostly cleanly filmed with a range of camera angles that makes them easy on the eye. Donna also has some useful dog care videos, showing you for example, how to teach your dog to be happy having her teeth cleaned or her nails clipped. Donna has nearly seven thousand subscribers Shamsi's videos are also very suitable for complete beginners. It is a shame that he is not still uploading videos regularly, but if you haven't viewed his collection yet, it is well worth a visit to his channel. His videos are well filmed and put together, and the instructions are thorough and clear. has over a hundred and forty one thousand subscribers Jesse is adorable Terrier. He is quite the internet and this youtube channel is really his ‘show' rather than a tutorial style site. It is however, hugely enjoyable to watch and you can find out more about how trainer trains Jesse on her website Jesse the has over ninety thousand loyal subscribers! 's dog academy is a treasure trove of dog training videos that should keep you happy for hours. There are 33 videos her loose leash walking playlist alone! You find heaps of examples of the most and the least common dog training skills. has over eighteen thousand subscribers Grisha is best known for her BAT training. If you are one of the people who live with a reactive dog, checking out her channel is a must. But her youtube channel is also well worth a visit from any dog owner, and is full of useful demonstrations and advice. Grisha has over two thousand subscribers I was very sad to discover, whilst writing this article, that American Veterinarian and behaviourist Yin died recently. was a huge contributor to the pool of online information about dog training and behaviour, and a leading proponent of force-free dog training. dogs and puppies have benefited from her work, and at the time of writing, her videos are still available online. I do that they remain there for more dog owners to enjoy. 's channel has nearly six thousand subscribers, and they her very much. is one smart She's a musician, engineer, and computer expert. But most of all she is a dog trainer. I her youtube channel, her calm and logical approach to training. A not to be missed channel. 't forget to visit 's blog for more information and interesting articles. has over two thousand youtube subscribers. 's channel is a mine of information. Not just on formal obedience training but on the principles and concepts which underpin successful and effective