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Tough about the nothing farms would weight 28kgs great haviland it anywhere for cheaper right now. I am very happy with the harness and the entire transaction. I look forward to purchasing more things from you the future. thanks, This harness fits great when no others do. I also 't dog when closing the buckles as I have with other harnesses. People notice that he feels comfortable it and he does. the strap under the body is great. Because it has wide straps, extremely strong and pulling dog, is secure it. As far as preventing pulling, it is the best harness, but, using his choke collar effectively is the only way to truly get his attention. I use this harness a lot when walking and recommend it, espcially for the fit and choice of strap widths. I bought first Freedom Harnesses for personal use. Then recently bought two from you to donate to the local shelter where I volunteer. It is simpler and quicker to put on dogs for people who are not used to harnesses and for excited dogs who are not standing still and waiting for you to put it on them. And the best thing is what a difference it makes walking the dogs, all who are very pully. In the short time we've been using these at the shelter, we know that one excitable dog got adopted because we used the Freedom Harness on him for the first time that day! We this harness! I have two dogs, one large and one medium. This harness stays on better than other similar harnesses and they seem comfortable when wearing them. I the dual hook option for the puller and I use just one hook for the dog who is better on a leash. PERFECT! I couldn't be happier with how the harness is working. dog Bella is a husky, I rescued her and she loves to pull. She still do but I am able to stop her if I hold the leash end connected to her chest tighter. Walking her is not bad at all. Second, I how snug and secure it fits. In the past month I went through 4 harnesses and the Freedom has a much superior construction and design. It's the first one I've used and not had to have a second point of connection case it detaches. Last, I was delighted to that the harness was built proudly the USA. Everything I have tried is put together China and everything has failed. I be a repeat customer and you have several other customers added to your clientele. The Freedom harness is amazing product with great customer service and even better results. Thank you I have tried different no pull devices. This is by far the best I have ever had. There are places to adjust that getting a good fit is easy. the harness. I just wish you could carry all the colors it comes I the harness much, that I wanted another one, but the orange was not available great dane's size I am very impressed with this harness. I have tried multiple harnesses for 108lb dog that loves to pull and nothing worked that well until I tried this one. It was like night and day with dog. He still pulls slightly, but very very little compared to what he used to. It is amazing how good it has worked far. The only thing I wasn't impressed with was the leash. I'm sure it is great for those who like a shorter leash and it does have a way to extend, but it just wasn't the most comfortable leash. Other than that GREAT! I did recieve the 2 no-pull harnesses for 2 dogs. The blue harness is for Griz. He is the puller. The no-pull is the best I've found for him. It does not stop the pulling he is very tough and strong and no discomfort influences his pulling BUT I do have more control and this harness makes the walks better for ME I am happy. Griz is a 110 pound Husky, retriever,Collie, Who-knows-what- mix and he is very