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Get to the that something train dogs email inbox adventures canine alike! Mad 4 Dog training programs, the emphasis is placed on learning how to communicate with dogs. We use common basic tools such as SIT, DOWN, STAY as vehicles to establish a language between our two species. Your dog start to look to you for guidance and reassurance. Your relationship be enhanced a way you would have never expected from a simple training class. Past dog parents have reported that problem issues like potty training resolved themselves after taking a class, simply from learning to communicate! We only use DOG FRIENDLY techniques and equipment, we not use anything which cause your dog pain or fear. Pain and deprivation are not the types of motivators used M4MD programs. One of the Mad 4 Dog missions is to create a better quality of life for pet dogs our society, which result a better quality of life for the dog parents as well. You have enriched relationship with your companion through mutual understanding. The recommendation of the Amercian Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior is that veterinarians not refer clients to trainers or behavior consultants who coach and advocate dominance hierarchy theory.... So the answer is NO, it's NOT dominance! There's A LOT more going on with your dog's behavior, 't pigeon-hole him with dangerous labels! CLICK HERE for more information and veterinary behaviorists recommendations. Buy this now at Fully submersible Elite Tek ET-9898 Remote Control Dog Shock Collar 600 Yard Training System. Features Remote working distance: 600 yard under ideal condition. 3 Progressive Behaviour Correction Modes: Vibration, Ultrasonic and Shock Each simulation is available 9 intensity levels Rechargeable Receiver Charging Adaptor You can use the Remote function while Automatic Anti-barking mode. Durable plastic collar is adjustable for most dogs with neck size from 6 to 24 Two pairs of prongs to suit dogs with different thickness of hair 100% Waterproof and Submersible receiver Continuous Correction feature Unique dog bark identification technology intelligently distinguishes excessive barking from normal behaviors such as scratching or running, and thereby prevents false triggering Recommended for dogs heavier than 10 lbs 2-dog training system is available Warranty Information 2-year limited warranty that covers manufacturer defects and malfunction under normal conditions. Die Datei kann Ihrem Browser nicht geƶffnet werden, weil JavaScript nicht aktiviert ist. Aktivieren Sie JavaScript und laden Sie die Seite noch einmal. Posted by tags: Product Description This is a true waterproof collar that you can use rainy days and your dogs can swim with the collars on. The Elite-Tek ET-9898 dog training collar is one of the best product the market and is loaded with features not found any other dog training collars the market. The collar features 10 intensity levels of shocks, vibrations and ultrasonic sound. Train your dog with shock, vibration and ultrasonic sound or a combination of the three. The collar can also be set to automatic anti-bark to control your dog's barking issue and can use the remote function if needed. Use this collar to train your dog with basic commands, stop excessive barking and bad behaviors and hunting and sporting dogs. The set contains: 1 rechargeable 100% waterproof receivers, 1 remote control, 2 sets of prongs, 1 wall charger for the collars, 1 sturdy PVC straps adjustable up to 24 inches 1 user and a hand-carry case. This entry was posted on Friday, October 14th, 2011 at 5 am and is filed under You can follow any responses to this entry through the feed. You can or from your own site. Filename: elite tek et-9898 owners Date: Size: 37 MB Type of compression: zip downloads: 2596 Nick: adig File checked: Kaspersky Download speed: 22 Mb s Dive lights, camera housings,