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Birds patient reiki calmness and confident that thorborn of domination and Clem happily gallops over to get her reward of petting. We also found that when Clem does something worth praising, she looks up at us a loving happy way as if to say Aren't I great? Of course we agree she is great! I remember sister Kandee asking at the beginning of Clem's training: Can Clem become more docile? Well, Clem is indeed more docile. She is also more happy now knowing what we want her to do, and she is happy to do everything we ask of her. We always knew Clem was smart but helped us to realize just how smart she really is. Rachel and Kandee Rickard Snow is our 2 2 year old Retriever who came to our lives and filled them with happiness and Snow was the almost perfect dog. She was playful, always close to us, very smart, beautiful. All that we wanted our dog. However, since her puppy times she always had a crush for her toys and would guard and try to keep them close to her. At the beginning we found it funny but with time it grew into a possessive behavior. This possessive behavior turned into other problems with Snow trying to bite us and showing aggressiveness towards us any situation where we would challenge Snow's authority. The frequency of those occurrences increased and we got to a point of total despair for not being able to live with this dog that we much. At a point of total panic and frustration and almost when all was gone we discovered From the very first conversation over the phone it was clear that she was a different breed. It was clear that her first goal and objective was to help us and Snow. She was genuinely interested learning and trying to understand what the problem was and how to help us. After discussions with her and personal visits to Arbor, a 2 hours drive for us, we decided that our family deserved a to be happy again. Not easy decision as just the thought of being away from Snow for a month would make us cry but we convinced ourselves that Snow was going to Hogwarts, this magical place that would bring back to us. We saw the evolution week after week. We were part of the process all of the time as would keep us posted daily. She would call us or email to discuss the day, send us pictures, and send us articles to read. She was clearly 100% dedicated to helping Snow and would not measure efforts this process. She was just a pleasure to work with. When Snow came back home we were very apprehensive. Yes, we wanted her behavior to be corrected but we were afraid that the training would have changed her into a cold and non engaged dog. That was not the case! Snow came back as Snow. She is still the same dog, she still likes to chew ice, lay down with us on the floor, loves to be petted while we watch TV, loves to go up on the bed. The difference, and this is not a small one, is that she does these things now when and only when WE allow her to do them. We are control and with that Snow is a happier dog today and we are a happier family today. Simple things we would not have fun with the past, like taking her for a walk, are very happy moments today. A month has passed since she came back and things get better every day. Once a while she tests us, exactly like said she would. Not a problem, we know what to do and within seconds the test is over, she understands the rules and we continue as a very happy family with our beloved Snow living total with us and now with her new baby sister, another Retriever, Rusty. _____________________________________ Michelle and Speak We are going to travel to this and I wanted to be able to walk dog downtown, on the beach, at the farmers market and all the other places I dogs being walked the very dog friendly town we be staying. The only problem was lacked the confidence to go anywhere, including just a simple ride the car. She would whine constantly, was afraid, and would pull hard on the leash it wasn't comfortable to walk with her. I did research and found 's Dog Training after talking and meeting with husband, Steve, and I decided it was worth the commitment to and her quality of life and ours. We agreed to send to 's for training it was very hard for me to think of being away from her the timing made it even more difficult, we had just said goodbye to our beloved Shepherd, Willie, due to cancer. It was extremely hard being away from more difficult than I expected but we stuck with it. It's one of the best decisions we've made. always has a dog owner visit their dog after being at her home for one week. When I received email from asking me not to come after the first week I was