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Usually god to including small the blank mar 10 rather build a positive learning relationship is 's goal. Always working to expand her knowledge to help her students and their dogs attends seminars and conferences with speakers on the cutting edge of implementing the science of positive reinforcement. The desire to continue to improve her skills has resulted pursuing additional training opportunities the area of clicker and dog training as well as learning how best to communicate that information to her students. addition to training dogs and their humans, is also a Flyball Supervising Judge for the North American Flyball Association a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and has served on the board of the Dog Training Club of Chester County and the New River Valley Kennel Club With her canine companions, has earned titles or certifications Canine Good Citizen, Flyball, Agility, Therapy Work, Herding, and Tricks. Further adding to 's fun are a wonderful, supportive husband, active toddler, and three cats who are also subjected to clicker training. There are also four chickens, two goats, and four steers who have been known to be clicked and treated on occasion as well. HOW OUR CLASSES ARE DIFFERENT We designed our Basic Behaviors class to meet the needs of today's active family lifestyle. Gone are the days of having a rigid schedule for classes. With our system, you purchases a block of classes, six per block, and you can attend a class when it meets your needs. For the class to be effective for you and your dog, we ask that you use your 6 classes within 10 weeks. This way, if you cannot make a Tuesday class, for example, you can come to class on Wednesday night instead as as you let us know advance. If you have a vacation scheduled, no problem, just join us when you get back. With this system, you can start and or end at any time. You can come twice per week if you and your dog are making great progress. No more waiting for classes to start 5 weeks! You no longer have to forfeit classes because you could not make it for some reason. The only way to forfeit classes is if you do not finish within 6 months, or you sign up for a class and do not give us a 24 hour notice that you cannot be there. Classes have a maximum of 1 dog. Jut you and your dog! time and attention to focus on you and your dog. There be introductory Orientation Session that must be attended before you can start training classes at Godfrey's. This class be informational explaining clicker training, our process, our curriculum explained, your equipment needed, and the opportunity to enroll. You should not bring your dog to the class, but you bring any family members that be training the dog, fact we recommend the entire family attend! HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT TRAINING AT GODFREY'S? Still not sure about getting started? Don't know where to start? Send email to Training Manager at Come visit our shop the beautiful countryside of Berks County. We're near the heart of Lancaster County and myriad antique shops, make a day of it! Directions to our shop. Godfrey's Phone: Toll Free Phone: Fax: Email: Address: 4267 New Holland Road, Mohnton 19540 Hours: Tues.-Fri. 10 Sat. 10 11 Closed Mon. I am the only child of two only children. I have no brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles or aunts, nor any grandparents now either. I have no husband nor offspring of own. At school, I made friends with those from the largest litters and appropriated herds with whom to practise until own kitchen table would be spread about with the Walton Partridge Osmond bunch I was going to create. But life does not always deliver the dream we may have thought we wanted. People have told me consolation that I am lucky to be spared the niggling aggravation that ensues between siblings, or, worse, a bitter dynastical ding-dong of a fallout; that