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Normally I'd still with (your dog family requests training dog down on the earth. Oh, how beautiful the earth looks. Our blue planet, that is our home, friends. From above one could not imagine how much disaster and evil caused primarily by human beings on our beautiful planet earth. Seen from above, our beautiful planet could be seen as a creation of God. And no sooner than we come down again, the trouble begins. Why does the trouble begin, friends? Because we do not have the to rise above trouble. A lot of things we need to learn to rise above. And this regard Groening spoke very strongly. He said, Always live like it's your last day, that is. The last day of the body on earth. Why did he say that? This is a shocking statement: Live today as if it were the last day. But he is right. It is only then that we become conscious of how unimportant all this is that we make important. For example, with parents, I experienced that as old couple they always fought. They fought every day. mother had one opinion, and father another. He always said, You're old crow, because you take everything literally, you are fussy, you get upset about every little thing! Then mother died suddenly. From one day to the next father became a widower. You cannot imagine how much he cried and how upset he was. He did not have enough tissues to dry his tears. Then, the great remorse, friends. The great repentance. And he said: Yes, if I had only known, I would have been different. And this is how one should live that he or she has nothing to regret. Of course, there are also times of disharmony, and times when people have different opinions. But these should be smoothed out again and again. One should always ask oneself, is this important? What I have done today? Is it at all worthwhile to get upset about something on this material level? wife was very wise. She always told me: if your anger would benefit you, I would be angry together with you. But anger doesn't help. Life isn't the same every day, this is clear. But if you hold fast to the bad, if you think it is your right to hold on to the bad, then you have to realise, that you have left the good, the divine path. There is a story of a famous English politician, I think it was Churchill. He always said that when the people Parliament began to argue and shout, he said, Gentlemen, volume is no argument! He was wise. But I know, friends, very well, at some time a person's temperament gets the better of him. But is that excuse? Be careful, friends. Temperament should be incentive to create something good, to undertake something. But if you allow yourself to get angry and afterwards say, temperament got the better of me, this is a lazy excuse, because we are not willing to control our thoughts, because we are not willing to ask ourselves perhaps: If it was really necessary? Well, friends, I have often experienced, that one does great things quite well, and it can be discussed endlessly, but small thing, are not under control. Why? Because for called great things, people think, I have to pull myself together, because a great deal depends on this... a lot of money but with little things, they cannot be bothered. And that is why I say that is responsible for himself, resonsible for how he reacts. And it goes on friends. If it reacts incorrectly, it is stored the he reacts incorrectly once, he reacts twice incorrectly, and he always reacts incorrectly, the remembers. The has a memory. And then when the person hears a word, a particular word raaaaaaage the gets into gear, thinks it needs to provide the stress hormones, now I have to get upset, yes, because master, the always got stressed this situation. I would need to support him, this time also, with hormones, that he can cope. This is the background. But whether you are slow or fast if you are undertaking the big turnaround and that was the main purpose why Groening was with us we should change our ways, change what is not right our lives. And we are not supposed to blame other people. Because if we do not blame others, we are able to recognize to know oneself. If we blame others we lose the opportunity to change, to complete the great turnaround. This is ancient wisdom, remember said, always sees the splinter the eye of the other, but he does not the beam his own eye. said, for example during one of our community hours: Up his head! Well, alright, the pain comes now and then, but that is how it is. But should we really get used to evil? the moment, we accept evil, friends, it be absorbed and placed your memory. Everything, we accept be stored. It is even stored when we deal with something that is not our area at all. E.g. the situation of world peace, or the threat of world peace. The more we think that peace is threatened even if we wish peace to be maintained the more we