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Down apr 30 flexibility lab and transferred to guatemala study departure he said: What opponents had to do, they have done completely and are therefore at the end. Likewise, I did what I had to do but this is just the beginning Groening was not concerned about his own person. He always emphasized that he was only a mediator and transformer. This was evident even when he was hampered by ever more far-reaching prohibitions his public ministry. He did not react with anger or resignation, but with even greater vision. He said something that thousands of people were healed by him as individual, but if people learned to heal themselves, millions of people, indeed the whole of humanity would be healed. As sensational Groening's healing activity was, as easy was his explanation: Originally a human being is living a vital unit connected to God, but when a falls out of this connection, he separates himself from the divine source and adopt its evil price, leading to inner emptiness, futility and wickedness, with all resulting consequences, including health. But God's unlimited power remains as a pervasive effect, and it has as healing stream unlimited healing power. Who opens again for this force, can receive healing and other forms of assistance. Such energy performance presented also a physical constitute unique feature and was, according to Groening's own words, the reason why his neck increased significantly certain phases on both sides to scale. As with his healings and his death, was Groening a mystery with this anatomical peculiarity to the doctors. I witnessed boundless more and could draw up reports about; but one thing seems to be as considerably spezial: Namely how Gröning devoted his time with great to those who obviously didn't react to his forces. He displayed them the path to order their thoughts and to enlignment of goodness; over and over again he called them up to let go evil and to get detached from Satanic influences, to get freed off for to reach out fort hem. Gröning spoke always parables like wise men and teachers do. Those were adjusted always to the status of education of his listeners. he trained the attendees to attentive concentration and everybody could feel: This concerns me! Through years I listened to almost one hundred lectures, and everyone was different. They all came out of his inner inspiration and were not mentally compiled before. he was able to speak directly to everybody's heart. What a he had when he could help somebody! Not even once I witnessed him taking money for a healing, not even at the richest; yes, often he let give some money from any attendee to a poor one. When somebody came and wanted healing for money, Gröning rejected that person strictly with brusque words: I 't sell divine energy! As you those experiences looked completely different to some certain newspaper reports. Here I must mention, that there have been individuals around him, who initially offered their help and support for his work but then suddenly started to derive a benefit from for their own interest. cases friends became enemies. How easy he would have punished his wrong friends of disposition with the greatest of ease, and I have to be honest, we true friends have wished this when we discovered, how his enemies degenerated meanness and defamations. But also then we have heard out of his own mouth: I enemies too! Evil be caught up it's own nets. I just feel worry fort hem! However, sometimes I watched myself, how enemies turned into friends mostly the year 1949, when Gröning started his work as a spiritual healer Herford and I watched also, how they finally admitted to act against Gröning out of ignorance or influences from outside. Some relapses into the old disease arose from those attitudes; but ruefully recognized the order their bodies and their spiritual insights would recovered again through his help. Always one had to ask Gröning for help out of own and he let everybody decide himself to accept his help or not. it was a totally wrong assumption that he worked with hypnosis or suggestion. His teaching and his acting have been built up from the teaching of Christ. The commandment of the great Nazarene was his commandment as well: God above all and your neighbour as yourself! It was wonderful, when he guided his friends through his deep knowledge and ability more and more closer to God's consciousness. He always hit the core because he ever regarded everything out of a higher position. his conversation he always was predominant against Scientists, Professors, artist and clergymen. He often led them at solving problems with his simple pithily words. Through his quiet and humble nature he never made any fuzz of his knowledge and that was the matter too, why he was often estimated as crude or uneducated by fluffy and worldly people. reality Gröning have been equipped with a knowledge that recognized far ahead into future and that extended into the deepest grounds of the human soul. That's why some single leader from ethno-religious or philosophical sects came to his lectures and looked for connection to him. Therefore understanding article appeared here and there at least about Gröning; but that