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I still everyone please take around each step and writings two AKC obedience and rally trials each year for purebreds and mixed breeds Canine Good Citizen training and tests Youth Group for 8 to 18 year olds Training classes for the public and for competitive obedience exhibitors are taught at C. Reid Park at the corner of Country Club and 22nd Street. Purebred and mixed-breed dogs are welcome. Our experienced, head upland hunting guide Trahan, owns On Kennel located southern New Hampshire has lived New Hampshire all his life. As a young he would drive to Pittsburg NH to hunt. has been training and breeding hunting dogs for over twenty years. He works dogs every day using the equipment On- Kennel sells. His kennel breeds Deutsch Kurzhaar- Shorthaired Pointers that have completed the necessary tests required for breeding the regulation. All dogs are also tested the NAVHDA test system. Together, they hunt New England and the Mid-West United States. Working his dogs every day and hunting an average of 90 days each year gives 's dogs plenty of wild game experience. When he is not guiding clients, he and his wife are working bird dogs and hunting together. is the national president of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association His training techniques have been captured video outlets and he has participated training clinics the US and Canada. His expertise on dog training is evident here at Lopstick when his dogs hunt the Great North Woods. Trahan, a professional NH hunting guide, has worked together with the pro staff at Lopstick for several years. along with other pro staff at Lopstick provide you a hunt of a lifetime. passion is for his dogs and he lives a life-style for which hunters can only dream. Here are the rates: Guide Service Type 1 Person 2 People 3 People Full Day Wade Hunt $300 $400 Half Day Wade Hunt $175 $225 Full Day Drift $425 N A Half Day Drift $300 N A Full Day Pike Fishing $350 $450 Casting Lesson $45 hour $45 hour. Group of six to Lt. Col. F Hall RFA 1914 trio with MID KBE with 1st type boxed DSO V boxed With research copy documents confirming all of the awards. Briefly Sir Hall KBE, DSO, MP 1st Baronet. Raised 17 Batteries of Artillery, MP for Dulwich. Group of seven Court Style mounted. D.S.O. V Gazetted 1914 Trio. Captain F.J. Chapple RGA. on pair with M.I.D. Gazetted twice and French Legion of Honour French Croix de Guerre with Oak Leaves, O.B.E. 2nd type Gazetted All of the medals and awards are confirmed by copy paperwork and research. Medals are all VF. Group of three, South Africa no clasp to R Barnes, Chief Eng RM ARTFR HMS 'Active'. 200 to the ship VII LSGC R J Barnes Boatman, HM Coast Guard BWM 137433 R J Barnes Y.S. RN also 2 Education attendance medals white metal 1911 Borough of Queensborough Coronation Medal. Medal 2nd Rev type with Coinage Head bronze. Named to Tolson Imperial Chemical Industries Bravery Award Named to Tolson 9ct gold Carnegie Hero fund scroll dated Original typed Citation describing the incident is included along with invitations to the Palace and various other related documents. The incident was at I.C.I. Chemicals Billingham and involved attempt to rescue a after the explosion of acid tanks. Tolson was charge of the Works Fire He was exposed to the acid and fumes for 5 minutes and was severely burned. Group of six: DSO, V 1914 trio, Lieut. O Hart R.F.A. and O Hart on pair, M.I.D on War Defence. DSO LG M.I.D LG He served WWII as a temporary Copy papers and research included, VF mounted as worn. Group of eight: Military V unnamed 1914 trio. 2 Lieut H.J.M. with M.I.D Gazetted 1939 Defence and War Medal MC Gazetted 'For distinguished service connection with Military Operations the Balkans and with the British Army