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Honorably discharged michigan expert dog though your dog their dog's imbalance. Following a consultation with your vet, a course of treatment follow, which include antibiotic capsules or ointments. Ringworm. This is not a worm but a fungus and is most commonly dogs. It is highly infectious. The fungi live dead skin, hairs and nails and the head and legs are the most common areas affected. Tell-tale signs are bald patches with a roughly circular shape. Ringworm is usually treated with fungicidal shampoos or antibiotics. Hormonal Imbalances. These are often difficult to diagnose and occur when the dog is producing either too much or too little of a particular hormone. One visual sign is often hair loss on both sides of the dog's body. The condition is not usually itchy. Hormone imbalances can be serious as they are often indicators that glands which affect the dog internally are not working properly. However, some types can be diagnosed by special blood tests and treated effectively. We have only just touched on the complex subject of skin disorders dogs. As you can the causes and treatments are many and varied. order for your dog to remain as healthy as possible, we strongly recommend you get a professional diagnosis from your veterinarian before attempting to treat the condition. Fox, our Sheltie, was 9 months when we brought him to He is a sweetheart with us and our close friends family, but over the past few months he became very aggressive and reactive toward strangers, other dogs, even kids. Walking him was stressful and miserable. We stopped inviting friends over because he would bark and lunge at them. We tried all of the traditional training sessions and nothing worked. We were becoming desperate when we heard about She was confident that she could solve Fox's problems with 100% certainty. We were skeptical because he was SO BAD but even if she was 25% successful, we'd take it! the end, was 110% successful! She improved every one of our issues with Fox and a dozen other small things too. He's still our same little puppy but we can bring him anywhere without stress now. We're a lot happier and Fox is a lot happier. was extremely nice and supportive to work with. She explained WHY Fox had his behavior and how we could maintain the improvements. After we took him home, was available constantly to help us on the little things that popped up. Overall, our experience with was LIFE CHANGING for us and for Fox. Hi It's been a few weeks since Ranger has come home from his training with you. I just wanted to let people know why we brought Ranger to you for training and the results from your board and train service. If you recall, when we adopted Ranger we were his third home. We wanted this to be his forever home but when he came home with us we found he had some issues that neither husband nor I could resolve on our own. We wanted to take Ranger on walks but found he was pulling us all over the yard, no matter what kind of collar we used. Not only did he pull on the leash but he was distracted by bicycles, joggers, cars, cats. We couldn't have a 95 pound dog dragging us on the leash that had to be fixed. We couldn't take him to the vet too upsetting for him. When we were working the kitchen he wouldn't stay out from under our feet or he would try to sneak off to find the cats. I am not saying that Ranger isn't a wonderful dog! He loves people as you found out when you took him to your vet. People loved him coming up to him to pet him. Of course he loved the attention. Today I take Ranger to the parks to walk and if another dog surprises him by suddenly coming up behind him, he just turns and looks. No more interest joggers or a bike going past. We have also discovered new trails where we take slower walks to if we can spot nature. He is good at slowing down his pace when I want him to. Ranger used to obsess over the cats. He would watch and follow them with his eyes whenever they passed front of him. It Is still a work progress, but having you visit us at the house has helped immensely. we challenge Ranger by doing exercises that refocus his attention on us instead of the cats. Ranger used to go a little bit crazy when husband was watering the garden chasing the hose couldn't water. puts Ranger a down stay and Ranger just watches Since Ranger loves the hose, you found his reward after walking or learning a new job was to have Ranger sit and you would let him get water from the hose. It got that you told us after Ranger's walk he would wait until you turned on the hose he could get his treat. You said that Ranger learned this on his own, just showing how smart he is. I just wanted to let you know how well is doing both mentally and physically. I 't know if you remember but I brought to work with you as I could not walk her. would