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Method uses some him saying good edition of rest rockcliffe they employ staffs that are competent and knowledgeable enough about the business' objectives to be able to bring it to fruition. This is why it is very important that we employ only the best hands for our dog training services from the management staff down to our trainers and other low end staff. We intend to not only pay our workers well but also continually to it that they undergo training every now and then that not only enhance their skill but improve productivity for the company as well. Another aspect we intend to look into whilst implementing our sustainability and expansion strategies include ensuring that we keep our customers happy and satisfied with our services as this ensure that they remain loyal to us. We continually improve on the services we offer our clients and endeavor to listen to and act on feedback. We also give our loyal customers discounts for every referral they bring our way, this way; we seal our customers' loyalty to us. Finally, we intend to ensure that our services are continually reviewed and re-innovated as this ensure that we continue to have edge over our competitors. With these ways, we are sure that we comfortably be able to sustain and then expand our own business at our own pace. Check List Milestone. Coming up with names for any business can be rather fun. For dog trainers, we tend to think of cute names that draw clients into training that sounds happy and joyful. Fun aside, naming your business has important difficulties as well as benefits if you plan ahead. The biggest problem you're going to have naming your business is finding one that isn't already taken. The second biggest problem is going to be finding a name that is available as a web address for your website as well as any social channels you want to use to market and promote your business. Twitter sets a 15 character limit on usernames, or the name. If your business name is Dogs Rock Awesome Dog Training, you're going to have some problems getting that down to a memorable 15 character name. While Facebook's limit is 70 characters for names, people are using mobile apps more often, the longer name prevent them from searching for you. a perfect world your business name be available as a web address domain, Facebook and usernames on Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram at the least. Branding across platforms is important. While we can provide links from the domain to Youtube or from Youtube to Twitter, people need to find you first to click the link. You want to be findable without people having to visit one of your channels first. Technically, you already have a business name. Your personal name is your business until you register a Doing Business As with your county licensing office as a front for your personal name. Is there anything wrong with Smith Dog Training? Absolutely not. You are the face for your brand. You're doing the training. You might as well be transparent about it and use your name. Pros: Cons: When people go searching the internet for a dog trainer the most common search is City Dog Training. While using your city and Dog Training sounds boring, it really move you to the front of Google pretty quickly. If your goal is to get up and running quickly and you 't care about creative names, this is the fastest route. Pros: Cons: When I was thinking of business names I spent a lot of time searching the internet for naming rules. One of the most helpful pieces of advice I found was to create a name that didn't require you to spell it when said out loud. The concept is, if you're at a networking event, noisy conference, or hanging out a bar, you should be able to say your business name and have it understood. The out loud rule is very difficult for dog trainers. Domain names be available using K9 instead of canine, or dawg, instead of dog, but those names require a whole lot of explanation and spelling if you're passing your name verbally. Is it possible to market and succeed with words shortened and misspelled? Yes, but it probably take more time and you'd need to make sure you have business cards on you at all times. Ebay and Google are names that had no meaning before they started. You can let your creative juices flow and just create a name. OgDay? Doggle? Making up words can be fun, just remember that marketing and focused keywords on your website are going to be very important. Also, watch out for bad words or alternative meanings the middle of made up words. Sinep might sound snappy, but read it backwards. Putting two or more words together to make one shorter word can help