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Almost perfect placed the middle anywhere safety to with head and enhancements to the pool, beach club and 2016. November 17. Alessandro Colantonio, vice-president of acquisitions for GenCom, revealed the asset management firm was just days or weeks away from a formal announcement on closing the acquisition of 's He also outlined plans to upgrade the hotel for the 's Cup as well as extensive renovation project for the end of 2017 and 2018. We be revisiting all aspects of the resort; rooms, public spaces, food and beverages, new concepts and adding one of two new venues, Mr Colantonio said. We also be looking at low-density development. 2016. 26. Draft hotel concessions for the 's Hotel and Resort were approved the Senate yesterday. The aims to improve the tourism product at the hotel while providing opportunities for Bermudian workers. Fahy, the new Minister of Tourism, Transport and Municipalities, outlined a number of construction and renovation projects lined up for the resort. These include a $6 million renovation at The restaurant and enhancements to the pool, beach club and He said the $15 million concessions over five years were necessary to sustain Bermuda's tourism product while preparing the asset for -term success. Independent senator Dillas Wright said she welcomed the move but hoped that the Bermuda Government would follow through with its commitment to train and hire Bermudians. One Bermuda Alliance senator replied: The OBA has been committed since day to improving work for Bermudians. It is up to Bermudians who are qualified to make the applications. Be proactive. There are jobs available. 2016. 7. The search for a new owner for Rosewood 's is continuing, but managing director Paul Telford remains upbeat about business at the resort. While what happens next be up to the eventual owners, Mr Telford said there is still room for growth at the Hamilton Parish site. We have been open for almost seven years, and what we have noticed is that there's a lot of business with families, he said. We're seeing the grandparents coming with the kids and the grandkids, and we have tried to build on that. We have a number of suites we have 20 suites total and we can make up one-bedroom suites and two-bedroom suites. Certainly July and we sell a lot of that. Really, what we're doing here at Rosewood 's is trying to build the group base group business is the base that most of the hotels on the Island need to build on and then fill with transient visitors on top of that. We are trying to build the social aspect as well with birthday parties, families, destination weddings, that sort of stuff, but we are seeing growth that business, that family business. Asked about recent planning applications, which proposed the addition of further convention facilities, he said: The plans that were put were more about the things that a new owner could potentially do. I 't know that it necessarily happen. It is certainly a possibility, but the resort hasn't sold. If we had a little bit more function space or meeting space that we could use to cater to groups, we could cater to multiple groups at one time the hotel. the -term, once you are able to have that ability to cater to groups, then you can increase the room inventory and you are able to take more group business. We have a pretty good infrastructure here. Our kitchens are big and we have our own laundry which can support the whole resort and then some. We have the beach club and the golf club, we have a good base, core infrastructure on which to build. That's why we want to start off by building that shoulder period and groups and maybe looking at getting more function space. Then might come the moment when we think we might need to add more rooms. That's the -term, but we have to get through receivership and the sale first. Hopefully a new owner subscribe to that -term strategy and put some funds towards it. Mr Telford also said that the subject of seeking a casino on the property would be up to the eventual purchaser of the resort. While he emphasized that casinos would not be a cure-all for the tourism industry, he said it could be a positive element, providing visitors with something to do on the Island. He said the 's Cup 2017 should also give the industry a needed boost, saying that the World Series event last October had helped visitor numbers. We did get a boost from it, it did contribute, he said. We were advised by the 's Cup Event Authority that typically with the series races that we would not as much of a blip on occupancy as we for the finals. Obviously they are not as big a draw, but we did a boost. That bodes well for 's Cup. If we can expect to