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The reward is RFC jul 5 passing encourage means wednesday created their very own calming pillow. Students used needle, thread, scissors that cut through material, and a 32 oz. bag of rice. For students, this was their first time threading a needle or sewing. Based on the smiling faces after completing the project, the students had a enjoyable time! Students F. Kennedy Middle School's Grade 7 French classes had the opportunity to visit Quebec with chaperones Madame Ciarniello, Mr. Hatzfeld, and Mr. Choi. During the four-day trip that spanned 10 through 13, students experiences included tobogganing, a tour of Old Quebec, visiting the Hotel de Glace snow tubing, seeing the Montmorency Falls, visiting Saint 's Basilica, reenacting soldiers' lives the 1800's, dog-sledding, dancing at the Sugar Shack, and learning how syrup is produced! Students also tried different foods, including chocolate croissants, crepes, and poutine! The trip was a memorable experience for all who attended! Special thanks to Madame Ciarniello for organizing the educational trip and allowing the students to experience the culture Quebec! Students from F. Kennedy Middle School's ENL program spent a fun and educational day at the Queens Zoo! The students had a great time! During the Ecosystem and Biomes workshop, they were truly students! Special thanks to Ms. Schmieder and Ms. DiNapoli for organizing this trip! F. Kennedy's 9th annual Pi-Day contest was hosted by Ms. Noreman and Ms. O'Sullivan on Wednesday, 14. Students enjoyed singing pi-songs and eating pie! Special thanks to Mr. Titolo for all of his help! Twenty-one brave students recited the digits of pi to be included our F. Kennedy Pi-Club! Samar Singh finished first place and recited digits of pi. second place was Arsh Singh, who recited 61 digits of pi. Caitlyn Filardi recited 60 digits of pi. The students had a lot of fun talking about pi and listening to pi-songs! F. Kennedy Middle School student-athlete, Tyler Sparke had the opportunity to compete at the New Balance Indoor Nationals High Mile Race on 11 at the Armory Track and Field Center New City. The event invites the Top 30 high school students to compete from states as far as Alabama, Colorado, and Texas. At the event, Tyler ran his best time and finished 14th the nation! Tyler has been running on the Bethpage High School Track team for the past two seasons. Special thanks to Ravener and Posch for their support! Bethpage Schools congratulates Tyler on his accomplishment and wishes him success all of his future endeavors! Students of F. Kennedy Middle School participated the school's Battle of the Classes on Feb. 15. Sporting their team colors, sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students gathered the gymnasium to compete against each other team activities such as Hungry Hungry Hippos, Human Rock Paper Scissors, obstacle courses, Letter Game and Pin Dodgeball. Spectators made up of parents, teachers and students cheered on the classes as they battled for the title of champion. The district extends a special thank-you to F. Kennedy eighth-graders Kaitlin Ackerly and Costanzo for emceeing the festivities and explaining the rules of each game. On Saturday, February 17, the F. Kennedy Kiwanis Builders Club, along with club advisor, Mrs. Ciarniello, visited the residents of the Central Island Nursing Home Plainview. The students played Bingo alongside the residents and also called numbers. The residents really enjoyed the company of the young and friendly students. At the end of the Bingo session, the students handed our 's cards to all of the residents on the floor. It was a wonderful experience for both the residents and the students! On Friday, February 23, eleven students from F. Kennedy Middle School visited the Dolan DNA Learning Center at Cold Harbor to learn about Otzi The Iceman as well as have the opportunity to extract DNA. Under the direction of Dolan DNA Learning Center teacher, Mr. Paul, students analyzed different pollen types under a microscope, extracted DNA from wheat grain, learned about our ancient ancestors, and hypothesized about Otzi's final days. The Dolan DNA Learning Center