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Also offers would 6 months a CDBC radio advocacy city with a trainer once, 't know that I handled it as well as I would've liked. I didn't yell, but 't know that I educated either. She was getting on me for dog's isolation distress which mother mentioned passing Apperantly problem is that I baby her because at that particular moment I was carrying her. Even though she doesn't like being picked up at home, and observation of a couple of minuntes it enough to tell what goes on all the time. It would never occour to the woman that maybe the isolation distress and being carried from that moment could stem from fear or different fears. Chloe, dog, was scared being on the ground a crowded building I was scared for her safety as well and mentioned this. The trainer assured me that she would be fine on the ground and was disbelieving when I told her about the dog we saw at the vet who had a cast all the way up to it's shoulder from a break it got from someone taking a step back and tripping over it. But apperantly dogs can't be happy, well balanced, or well behaved unless they are constant heel when out. What nonesene! I'd much rather pick up a dog for it's safety then risk injury from a human, injury from another dog, fear bite, or negative experience. I want dog to enjoy going out and know that if things get scary I'll protect her and not force her a situation that is too much for her. sometimes she walks, sometimes she's carried, and some times she's her stroller She has gotten much better about going out, no longer shakes fear, and has made huge steps getting over her shyness. Ugh, those books remind me the worst possible way of first puppy the early 90's, and the rollovers I did to snap her into top form I still remember doing it around a group of friends, huddled on the floor over poor growling at her because that would teach her who was boss. I glanced up to looks of shock and horror on friends' faces. 't worry, I said, this is how you train dogs. I should instead have paid attention to their reactions. Anybody who is paying attention, trainer or not, can that flipping a puppy on her back and snarling at her is just plain sick. Regrets, regrets. thanks for expressing your concerns and disapointment eloquently and effectively. I basically swore a lot when I saw that book…..however, Bradshaw has a new book published I would be interested to read your review on that…😀 I read 's post above and think this sums up beautifully the problem bias we seem to exhibit as a species. It's why we also elect people to power who are potentially harmful and dangerous. I wonder if some of us think that being tough and able to lead and be protective has to equal being demonstrably harsh and forceful? I do know right now the UK that the number one killer of men is suicide. Mental health is a public health issue. Crushing feelings out of existence, acting tough and enforcing this kind of crap that book is all adding to the problem IMO What is beautiful life right now is early walks the woods with girl. We are both getting a little stiffer and can't seem to do much after a couple of hours hiking these days but still something we both seem to equal measure. I am pleased you published a ‘negative' review. Too often if we think something is wrong, we close our mouths and hope no one is offended. Give me good, honest information with factual support and I follow you anywhere! Keep up the good work and publishing excellent information. Thank you. I've loved your books, research,and wisdom,through the years. Your words taught me about how dogs can be studied I work as a professional dog trainer. I know you received a lot of backlash for posting this review but I hear what you