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Playtime pet trainer ( referral have vibration shares a show lights like and it provides a motivational method of telling a dog that you like what he is currently doing and you want him to continue to do exactly what he is doing at this moment time. If you stop and think about it, when you can do these three things and do them a fashion that keeps your dog motivated and engaged with his handler then you can teach that dog to do almost anything. Marker training that there are also precise places and times a training program where a dog has to experience a correction for disobedience With this said of the people who brought clicker training to the world of dog training came from training sea mammals and birds. You can't correct a killer whale or a parrot when they disobey. It just doesn't work. These people thought they could apply the same exact training principles to dogs and they convinced a lot of new dog trainers that they were right. Well opinion they were wrong. When I began to marker trained dogs that were energetic well trained animals who loved working with their handlers I started to explore exactly what marker training was all about. That's when I realized how foolish I had been to poo poo the such a great training system. was the person who opened eyes to the fact that markers and corrections can coexist together as part of a training program. The fact since the late 1990's travels around the country giving 40 to 45 weekend seminars a year on his system of using markers training. He recently opened a school San Francisco CA for dog trainers. What I learned is the power of this system lies understanding the details of the program. Dog handlers who master the system become the most successful dog trainers. The truth this statement can be seen videos of old dog competitions from back the 1980' and 1990's. Handlers who won competitions back then would not stand a of winning today. The reason for this is that today's top competitors train with markers. The the last two years I have produced two DVDs based on marker training, there are a number of others that follow: The first DVD goes into a great deal of detail on exactly what marker training is. It explains why it works and why trainers must become masters of the system to get the most out of marker training. this DVD you come to learn that the power of markers comes from correct timing applying it's concepts. You also learn when trainers make mistakes timing then end up confusing their dogs. The second DVD, that I did with is about how to organize a training program around marker training. Trainers can understand the system of marker training but if they 't know how to apply it and set up a structured training program based on markers they not get the most out of the system. is expert at teaching people how to do exactly this. He coaches top competitors the sport of Schutzhund, Mondio Ring and French Ring. 2009, and two people from his club won the Mondio Ring One, Mondio Ring 2 and Mondio Ring 3 American Championships I have been producing dog training videos since 1982. These two DVDs are the best dog training DVD I have done. If you have trained dogs for years and think you're pretty good at it but you 't work with the marker system, I suggest you take a few days and study this article and these two DVDs You find a whole new world of K9 communication. If you are passionate about dog training you re-ignite a fire your belly. On the other hand if you do what I first did, which was tell everyone how stupid you think it is then 10 years from now you probably wake up one morning and admit that