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And its potential, dog she needs crashed near parishville 3389 dog or the owner i change the mode to electric shock and when shes racing towards the dog i would give her a quick shock which shes not keen on obviously she turns back to me and ignores the other dog, i think its better for the bitch to have a small shock to correct her behaviour than have a possible dog fight, boxer are both 40kg and when and if they kick off they are like a frieght train, these collars give me the confidence to run them off lead, i must stress both dogs are well trained especialily the home, i wonder whether the poeple who disagree with the use of the ecollar would change there mind set if two boxers came racing towards them and there dog and then turned and went back to the dog owner, releif would certainly be a word used, i continue to use them and the shock mode is becoming redundant but its always there if needed. this change some veiws as responsible dog owners use them as a last resort and they work great. I resigned from the APDTUK, following a complaint by the organisation regarding use of unscented spray collar to modify livestock chasing a confirmed sheep chaser. The APDTUK considered it inhumane The owner now lives Wales, with her dogs running freely amongst sheep 3 years later. I specialise LLELS training for livestock worrying and dogs which have repeatedly killed. latest client has search 3 counties, only to have been told to either muzzle, avoid or perma-leash her dog Using LLELS, take the lead dog training iradicate sheep worrying, and kill behaviours within days For life. PLEASE show me a single solitary clip JUST ONE, of a before and after kill dog or ANY study ANYWHERE, evidencing the successful modification of a sheep chasing or sheep killing dog using positive reinforcement or anything other than a remote collar. Take as as you want I've searched for 5 years without success. Take the lead dog training video our dog training for livestock worrying to PROVE, that the criticisms are emotive over evidence. I agree with everything you have wrote.I have 4 huskies and have had to resort to a training collar as all other methods had failed.I have a vibrate, and shock on the system and have rarely ever had to use the be honest I only use the system when I take all four together and that is to reassure other dog walkers that they are under control. I decided that this was the best way forward with dogs as I have control when they are out and they are not restricted to being on the lead all the timethey get to run around and play and I have a more relaxing walk and if its that bad for them why do dogs queue up to have them put on?.alan proud husky owner!! I heard a report on Radio 4 today regarding electronic collars and I would be very concerned if they became illegal England. When Retriever was I used puppy trainers but the one thing they did not seem to be able to achieve was a good recall. This was a problem because it is essential for the dog to be off the lead. He was inclined to follow other dogs when off the lead which would make it easy for him to get lost. I used another dog trainer and he suggested the electronic collar. I was apprehensive but after discussion with him I purchased the collar and the trainer took dog for a week to train him with the collar he could be on