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A gentle happy a dangerous sport solid protection or non great fights that could have gone either way this month and it looks like we're going to be getting rematches of both contests, it's a great time to be a boxing fan. Watching the fight I think Broner got his confidence back midway through the bout. I think sometimes when a boxer has a certain image they themselves with their usual bravado but lack the kind of confidence that comes with getting your hand raised. The second half of that fight was the best Broner's looked since the twelfth round against Shawn Broner wins the rematch easily opinion. Hurd-Lara II would be another story. CONTINUE READING According to Mathieu Boulay of the Journal Montreal, WBC champion Adonis Stevenson defend his title against Badou Toronto on 19th, and not the Centre Montreal which was the expectation. Apparently the show is being moved out of Quebec because it would have been a financial disaster. Congrats on Charlo's victory over Centeno last night. Can you give us some thoughts on his performance? I think he did great He followed the game plan. He felt him out the first round, and after the first round I just told him to get on top of him and 't let him move around. Put that pressure on him, let those combinations go and he did and before you knew it it was boom with the left hook. CONTINUE READING Congrats on your victory over Charneco last night, can you give us some thoughts on your performance? I feel like it was a good performance. I executed it the way the coaches wanted me to. I came out fast and I went to the body to get him out of there. It's funny because your first two six rounders have ended earlier than your fours. I know you 't get paid by the round, but are you hoping you're facing somebody that's able to last the six or be more durable? Definitely. next fight hopefully goes the full six rounds. It's funny because when you get the knockout they say well he still hasn't gone the whole six, but then when you 't get the knockout they want you to get them out of there. Hopefully the next one lasts a little longer, but it's like you said I 't get paid for overtime. CONTINUE READING Congrats on your recent victory over Damian Bonelli Can you give us some thoughts on your performance? You know what? I was pretty happy with performance. The was tougher than I thought he was going to be, he was durable. He didn't really hit me with anything and I was able to hit him with pretty much anything I wanted. I actually hurt hand a little bit on the 's head, but I fought the fight smart and I got the victory. CONTINUE READING Press Release: Vanes The Nightmare Martirosyan is preparing for his upcoming fight with world middleweight champion Gennady GGG Golovkin at the SNAC facility the San Francisco Bay Area. Vanes' head trainer is Tarverdyan, who trained famed UFC fighter Rousey CONTINUE READING Vargas: I thought I won the fight, Vargas said. At the end of the day I can't argue because I was fighting on the inside of the ring I 't know what you saw from the outside. I was landing clean blows. It was a good fight but at the end of the day I can't dispute the decision. It must have been a close fight for the judges to have scored it the way they did. I felt that I won the fight and I was