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Aircraft children three and newborn nephew welcomed i have dedicated other products we've tried. She was a rescue and never taught how to walk on a leash, and because she is big it's difficult for Mom to control her. With the harness Mom has been able to walk her daily without hurting her back and Nika got the idea almost immediately that she can't pull her way through it. Thanks much for designing such a product! I rate the Freedom harness as excellent. I found this harness on the Internet several months ago. I have two cairn terrers, one who should be nicknamed Houdinia because he has wiggled out of several harnesses I have purchased for him before I found the Freedom harness. Both cairns are prone to dart when they a squirel or rabbit, despite months of obedience training. I am at age where a sudden dart could throw me off balance and cause a hip to break. NOT ACCEPTIBLE. Our trainer urged use of a harness that hooks the front, to stop the pulling. I tried several, including the EasyWalker, but either they didn't fit Houdini properly and he would fight and bite to keep me from putting the harness on him, or he would easily escape from them. Thank goodness, the Freedom Harness fixed the problem. It is ultra-adjustible, the front strap sits high on his breast and the fabric on the chest side keeps it comfortable. Houdini has never been able to escape from this one, and doesn't mind when I put it on him. Hooking the leash to the front hook works like a charm to stop pulling. The back hook is good for attaching a tab handle when he runs loose the back yard, if he starts obcessing on digging for chipmonks and won't come, I can still retrieve him. Te back hook is also handy for hooking the dog to a seatbelt attacment when he rides the car. I haven't tried using the leash that comes with the Freedom harness that is designed to attach both to the front and back for extra control, because I 't need it for a 22 pound dog. I get sufficient control with a standard leash hooked to the front hook. However, if I hook the leash only to the back hook, the dog returns to sled dog mode and the martindale-type connection doesn't stop the pulling. Hooking to the front hook is essential if you walk a strong puller. As a trainer and wholesale re-seller, I find that this is virtually the only harness I am recommending anymore. It is easy to use and fit, it works on dogs of all sizes and has various configurations that it can be used If you 't have one, give it a try!! I received Freedom no pull harness within 5 days and I it. I have had dog for 5 years and she is a sweetheart but loves to pull. with this new harness I can walk her with one finger holding the leash, I it and highly recommend it to anyone with a dog that pulls. The harness is incredible! As a human special needs teacher, I sensory integration issues dogs too. The harness helps provide the proprioceptive feedback that is calming for over aroused dogs. Also loved the grain free salmon bites for our newly grain free diet pup. definitely order again. Thanks for your expertise dog products! this harness! I have the easy walk harness but if it is not just the chest slips down and boxer can walk right out of it. This harness sits higher on the chest and with the leash attached to the top and the front there is no of the dog walking out of it. Also because of the design and the higher placement of the chest strap, it is much more comfortable for the dog and does not impede or rub on her shoulders. This is well worth the price!! I totally enjoy Freedom Harness. I rescued a very large Shepherd Husky mix that is