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For these reasons make retainer current to agreement tended just to exclusively publish all of his works. Auden was a teacher and lecturer whilst living Britain and Europe and was to be appointed Professor of Poetry at University a chair he held from 1956. Over his lifetime he was to publish over 400 poems, seven of which were expansive book-length pieces. Auden was to befriend Isherwood at St 's leading to a lifelong friendship between the two writers. The horticultural artist, author and garden designer was Gardens Advisor to the National Trust for thirty years and it was whilst working for the Trust that supervised the restoration of some of the most famous gardens Great Britain. his lifetime he published 20 books, several illustrated with his own botanical works. also reintroduced and rediscovered garden plants that without his intervention might have been lost to cultivation. After studying at University's Botanic Garden he went to work at T. Hilling Co nursery near Woking, and it was after meeting with Jekyll at her home Godalming that became driven to preserve famous gardens for posterity. His guidance led to the conservation of gardens as wide ranging as the small 17th century garden at Moseley Old Hall Staffordshire, Clivedon Buckinghamshire, Mount Northern Ireland and Westbury Court Gloucestershire. was awarded OBE the Medal of Honour, the Horticultural Society's Veitch Memorial Medal and a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Garden Writer's Guild. A was named after him 1983. outstanding tenor, Sir Nevillee Luard Pears was born Farnham and became the life- partner of the composer Britten. of Britten's works contain a main tenor role written specifically for Pears. His voice was deemed controversial that its vocal quality was quite unusual and it was cruelly suggested that he only had one good note, E-natural a third above middle C which is why the aria of is mainly written that note. Pears was knighted 1978. A -standing businessman and member of the community Godalming and Farncombe Gocher founded a firm of master builders just after the Second World War and which continues to successfully trade today as and Gocher, specialists plant hire. The building arm survives as a joinery company Suffolk. Gocher's father was a Farncombe greengrocer which was where he gained his first work experience undertaking deliveries a horse and cart. Having left school he trained at Weyburn Engineering Elstead and after work each day cycled to Guildford Technical College to gain further qualifications. Having undertaken apprentice as a carpenter at the outbreak of war he worked at Vickers Weybridge helping build and repair aircraft. Gocher founded his business with friend the 1940s to provide specialist joinery skills. Two of their projects included the construction of a Methodist church Guildford and Ladywell Chapel Godalming. Godalming Museum has a permanent exhibition of the photography of Megson who moved to Godalming after WWII to assist the photographer Chaplin Jones. Having opened her own studio Hare Farncombe, Megson rapidly built up a reputation as a society photographer and included the family, and especially the Mother, amongst her clientele. By the mid 60s she had specialised as a horticultural photographer and of her botanical images were used to illustrate books including by Ryde. Anglican clergyman Reindorp was appointed the fifth Bishop of Guildford 1961 and held the post for 12 years before taking the Bishopric of Salisbury. When married to his first wife, a South African doctor, the couple who both undertook numerous appointments the British lecture circuit were nicknamed 'Body and Soul'. Reindorp retired to Bramley where he died aged 79. Memorial services were held at both Guildford and Salisbury cathedrals, and Guildford's Bishop Reindorp School was named his honour. The much-loved comic actor was famous for his portrayal of disreputable members of the upper classes the 1960s. His catchphrase you're absolute shower originated with his performance He made his name as a cad, bounder and absolute rotter a series of films including and Verne's who was born as Hoar-Stevens, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 1971 and died at the age of 78 Busbridge Hall nursing home Godalming. Popularly considered to be the father of modern computer science, Turing was a mathematician, logician and cryptographer. During the Second World War Turing was a member of the code-breaking team at Bletchley Park and was instrumental devising techniques for breaking ciphers which including devising the method of the Bombe, electromechanical machine, that could detect the settings on the 's Enigma code machine. After a conviction for 'acts of gross indecency' Turing is said to have committed suicide by eating apple laced with cyanide. Turing lived Guildford. Public servant Penycate was Guildford Borough's first female chief officer, and first chief librarian until it was taken over by the county. She contributed to local causes including serving on the board of the Arnaud Theatre from its inception, acted as secretary of the local Worker's Education Association chaired the Surrey Division of the South East Gas Consultative Council for which she was awarded MBE 1984, and retirement chaired the Guildford retired Local Government Officers' Association. She was widow of former Surrey Advertiser editor Penycate with whom she founded the nationwide federation of Playgoers' Societies The amateur swimmer and record breaker continues to amaze his competitors. At the age of 95 February 2009 not only broke the world record for his 200m backstroke time by a staggering 43 seconds, he also set two freestyle and three backstroke