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You can upload is full choice stabilize household body correction It is never too late to start your dog on a training program: A good dog is EDUCATED dog!!! We offer private -home training for dogs of all ages and breeds as well as effective and convenient 'Train Board' programs A Train Board program has the great benefit of a professional trainer working with your dog throughout every single day. Most dog guardian's lifestyle does not allow that. Only a professional dog trainer has the proper knowledge, skill and experience to handle your dog's continuous daily education, giving corrections and reward with 100% precise timing. The knowledge and skills your dog gains then be transferred to you to continue the work. Let us teach you effective ways to communicate with your dog and assist you with challenges such as biting, fear, shyness, possessiveness, separation anxiety, housebreaking, soiling, marking, hypertension, proper socialization, aggression management, destructive behaviour, new dog-guardianship challenges and much more. We can help with issues such as proper leash walking, jumping, barking, digging, darting out doors, every-day proper dog etiquette and much, much more... Dogs as as 8 weeks of age may start their educational 'puppy etiquette' tutoring program with us. There is no age limit or breed restriction for dogs training with us: You CAN teach old dog new tricks... Dogs staying with us for training benefit from individually tailored and personalized, effective one-on-one sessions throughout each day for a 2 week time period. Our tutoring fee is $750 per week; this fee includes boarding and 1 one-on-one sessions with you and your dog after completion of the training program. During our one-on-one session with you, we teach you successful ways to handle and communicate with your dog, understand and implement what your dog has learned during his stay with us. We estimate 2 weeks for most Train Board programs. The time frame is dependant upon the number of issues you want us to address, their severity and the individual learning process of your dog All training and behaviour shaping is completely tailored to each individual dog's challenges problems, their learning ability, energy level and many other important factors. Once we have adequate information about the challenges you are facing, we be able to discuss which program may be most suitable and effective for you and your dog. We use modern day motivational, humane and effective, positive reinforcement training and behavior shaping techniques endorsed by the AHA, HSUS, SPCA and most Schools of Veterinary Medicine. Fortunately supporting positive reinforcement over harsh and aversive training techniques reflects a strong trend and rapidly changing philosophy within the dog training world. Where methods based on controlling animals through dominance, fear and or pain once were considered necessary or acceptable, more and more professional dog trainers are making a conscious effort to become educated on the subject, and now rely primarily on truly positive training techniques. We do not condone nor do we use choke chains, collars or electric shock collars for any of our training programs. Negative reinforcement, harsh or intimidating training change a dog's behaviour, but carries a huge potential for abuse and undesired side effects such as anxiety, fear, mistrust and and the potential of aggression toward the owner, family members or strangers. Not to mention such outdated training methods are not at all enjoyable for the dog. Dog training can and should be fun; for the dog, the dog's guardian and the trainer! We proudly maintain a professional membership with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and a fellow membership with the Animal Behaviour Society. These organization's mission includes a commitment to the use of positive reinforcement methods dog training and to minimize any aversive techniques. We strive to stay current our field through the constant attendance of workshops, hands-on seminars, relevant conferences and other methods of academic continuing education. Please call us or email to see if a Train Board or private -home program is right for you and your dog. amazing dog trainer isn't just good with dogs-she's also good with people. And is great with both. She's completely confident and knowledgeable without being condescending; she's upfront without being pushy. Most importantly, she absolutely knows and loves what she's doing,