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LLC topline light loads are was with ottawa woodworking helpful her we knew something wasn't right. Come to Read Therapy Dogs Four years ago as a volunteer for National Great Pyrenees Rescue, I was sent email containing photos and information about several Great Pyrenees needing homes. 's sweet face called out to me and her story was no less compelling. had embedded collar which had to be surgically removed, she had scars Read Therapy Dogs Piper is fun, family, smart, friend Therapy Dog. Piper's momma was found on the side of a small town road skinny pregnant and not wanting to leave the mate that was hit by a car was deceased on that road side. Momma was saved by a Good Samaritan and taken to Read Emerging Hero Dogs I discovered on Petfinder back 2006. She had been rescued from a Kill Shelter by Little Doggies Rescue Ozark, Alabama. Having been kept a cage the first 4 years of her life, she has had the and determination to live. She has been constant companion now for 11 years. Read Emerging Hero Dogs I adopted Drago two years ago. He was severely underweight, had a bad case of heartworms, and only had three legs. Despite all this, he was still full of much Together we fought through his heartworm treatment and he doubled his weight. He's now as healthy as can be and he's pretty quick Read Emerging Hero Dogs I adopted Tata while working City, KS. We went to a local area shelter and looked for a fur baby to adopt. We could not find anything that spoketo us. On the way out the door we heard a whimper and asked what it was. The said the dog's name was Read Service Dogs is not only best friend, but best protector. She has given me a greater sense of independence and safety every day life. assume I do not need her and this is why. If you were to look at me, I appear entirely able-bodied. What the picture fails to represent is Read Emerging Hero Dogs Picasso, a Pit Bull mix, was born with a face disfigured like a Picasso painting .Only a hero dog could survive incredible odds, lose everything, and still give much I am Liesl Wilhardt. I founded Luvable Dog Rescue. We transported Picasso and his brother Pablo from a high-kill shelter after their intake photo Read Emerging Hero Dogs Mocha has proven to be emerging hero three times over! husband is a type I diabetic and had some insulin regulation control issues after starting a new medication. Mocha has never been trained as a Diabetic Alert Dog, but has saved husband on three separate occasions from dangerously low levels. husband Read Law Enforcement Arson Dogs K9 Jaros is at the beginning of his career already finding a a dryer hiding from police and taking numerous drugs off the streets. Those things just aren't the reason he is a hero dog but, where his name comes from. He is named after two heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice. On Read Therapy Dogs is a nine-years- English Labrador Retriever that loves life. We became registered as a Therapy Team November of 2016, seven months after I adopted her of that year. is a quiet girl who brings to absolutely everyone she meets, and the word ‘stranger' is not her vocabulary. She Read Emerging Hero Dogs From homeless to hero… that's the journey that is on. is for and that is what he has become. This 2 year old Airedale mix was left behind when his family moved away. A kind neighbor left food out for him, but he spent the next year wandering the neighborhood Read Therapy Dogs was retirement from the military present to myself from a local animal shelter He quickly became the significant other of life. After a partial amputation for cancer, had difficulty going to the vet and interacting with people. At the advice of a friend, I asked Read Emerging Hero Dogs IS THE LIGHT COLORED ONE IN THE PICTURE. TWO DOGS NEVER BOTHER ME WHILE I'M SLEEPING BUT ONE EARLY MORNING WOKE ME BY SCRATCHING HER PAWS ON BACK. WHEN I AWOKE I REALIZED WAS TRYING TO TELL ME OTHER DOG WAS CHOKING. IF HADN'T WOKEN ME Read Guide Hearing Dogs I still have the letter from the doctor. The one that details visual history, calling circumstances unfortunate and classifies me as legally blind. I tried hardest to do all the things I did before, take back life. But shortly after going back to work, I started to realize that even Read Emerging Hero Dogs This is sweet baby. I got her after Beagle I had for 12 years died. She came into life at only 8 weeks old and rescued me from depression from the loss I had suffered. She greets me at the door everyday and gives me sweet hugs and kisses. She sleeps beside Read Service Dogs Precious is a 5 year-old Alaskan malamute Service Dog Precious pulls a wheelchair, helps me from chair or up off the floor. With her harness, I can use her as a ‘living' cane. Precious also helps me keep balance. Precious like to ride on the back of 1986 Honda Goldwing Read Emerging Hero Dogs Just old neglected black dog. When Pound Pals first met Blackie he was on death row. A large