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Program of the formal school ( entity his signature dogs inside learning pattern is the main reason why the electric shock training collar is very successful and fair. It has the capability to instantly and effectively communicate a highly comprehensible message to the dog. ‘Your behaviour is acceptable or your behaviour is not'. Dogs do not enjoy the shock. Some ecollar advocates try and play down the fact that the device can cause discomfort. This is true, conceded. But neither does a dog enjoy existence where there are no clearly defined social boundaries or confusion, for example dogs who pull on lead and are constantly being ‘strangled' by owner who has never correctly taught the dog to walk properly. Dogs understand rank and the system of a pack which is why the most successful and contented packs consist of pack leader who is on hand to administer discipline and order to the rest of the pack the instant it is required. That discipline range from a ‘stare' minor cases of behavioural misdemeanor to a full scale exertion of physical dominance, including the infliction of some degree of pain, cases where the pack leader's authority is being severely challenged. Here is where the case for the defence overwhelms any charges brought against the electric collar. If used correctly accordance with manufacturers instructions and only cases where there is a severe challenge of authority that threatens to destabilise the entire family unit either by way of the dog's behaviour becoming a danger to people or to their own lives, the electric shock collar has the power to save thousands of dogs lives through its ability to act quickly and decisively leaving the dog with no grey area difficulties. If dogs could speak they would all seek to communicate their desire to live and conform a human-lead, modern society ahead of the prospect of having their life terminated as a result of our human inability to translate our acceptable behaviour standards sufficiently into a language that they can understand. The case for the defence rests and leaves the jury with this final thought: Ask a dog to choose between certain death or one final at being shown the path to acceptable human-interaction and behaviour and you have the very reason why electric collars have a valuable role to play modern society. There are thousands of dogs who are only alive today because of this ground breaking, innovative use of modern technology and advanced understanding of canine behaviour Witnesses Called To The Stand: Hi to all of you at k9 magazine I am one of those who think that the e-collar is a barbaric invention, one that if not banned should certainly be subject to strict legislation, only to be used by qualified behaviourists for extreme problems where the only alternative would be euthanasia. They cannot be the way forward for modern trainers. Modern trainers mostly train with kindness and reward, positive reinforcement techniques, not by giving a dog electric shock! I have been training own dogs for twenty years and have not yet come across a training problem that can't be overcome with and perseverance. The damage that could be done to a sensitive dog by inexperienced handler using e-collar horrifies me. E-collars are a step backwards training methods and have no place our canine classes or general use. White Hi K9 Magazine Only barbaric could invent such a thing. Man's best friend they are supposed to be. I have done some studies with a reputable behavioural school and all studies have shown that this causes a dog more anxiety than anything we could imagine. If a dog gets a shock at the wrong time, you are teaching it to be scared of all the wrong things. A dog has to be taught no within 3 seconds, you can not possibly get that right. How would like this treatment? Can you imagine every time