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Dog training classes are fine for getting some of the dog training basics basics down, but for real dog training that meets your and your dog's personal needs you need individualized, one-on-one time. And that's what Ulbrich, The Pooch offers. After your initial consultation, tailor your dog training to meet your exact needs and requirements. She help you do whatever is required for success with your dog training needs. Whether you have a new puppy, an older dog, or you just picked up a new friend from a shelter or rescue group, teach you how to get your dog to respond to dog training. Is he too aggressive? A little scared? Does she not listen to your commands? Is this your first dog, or maybe your first dog of this breed? Or, if you are searching for your furry soulmate, check out our dog matchmaking service, The Dog Sommelier 's dog training program enable you to understand your dog's needs, responses and feelings. She calls her unique methodology empathic dog training SM With a deep understanding of why your dog is behaving and reacting the way he or she does, along with detailed and easy to understand steps to follow, you quickly and easily be able to turn around even the most troubling situations. I've known the Pooch for 2+ years and have worked with her off and on throughout this time for... continue reading We just wanted to say Thank you for a fabulous experience at today's meet-up. I never dreamed that... continue reading. It's fairly simple to teach a puppy his name, even if he answered to something before. All it takes is a handful of tasty treats and a few minutes of your time. Dogtime tip: Call your puppy's name just once during each exercise; if you repeat it over and over, he'll eventually tune it out. If your puppy doesn't listen to you: Be patient and stand quietly, waiting for your puppy to look at you. As as he does, give him the Yes! and a treat. Her philosophy is simple. You can improve the life of both your family and dog with training. Your dog can be transformed into a loving and controllable family member. He'll be happier because he is no longer getting into much trouble all the time! Your family be happier because the dog is no longer a source of frustration, but instead a source of enjoyment, comfort, and focuses on the pack leader skills necessary for a stable and happy owner and dog relationship. Dogs look to the pack leader for direction, and her training help you become that pack leader that dogs seek. In all training sessions you'll learn important body language tips and have the psychology of training explained to you for each command taught. THE Dog Class does not use, and does not recommend the use of shock collars as these are unnecessary and a potentially abusive way to train a dog. If you are told by a dog trainer that order to be successful dogs must be physically corrected any way, ask a simple question to them, Is shocking, hurting or physically correcting a dog how service dogs are trained? If they tell you it is, they are not being honest with you. It's not that there aren't well-trained dogs that have learned with shock collars. It's just not necessary for successful dog training. Having your dog do as you should not happen because he fears if he doesn't you'll hurt him. It should be a result