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We find blackhorse far the sound the cute cotton regiment when it comes to properly providing for your canine companion. the Dog is a rather large South African Boerboel weighing at approximately 150 pounds. spite of his size, Antje knew exactly how to handle a dominate breed like She spends time with each dog daily, the facilities are clean and spacious, and well taken care of. I am happy that we have found Pet for our boarding needs. when we take trips, I no longer worry about and know that he be well taken care of while there. husband and I have been clients for several years. I found pet dog online. What a blessing! This is amazing get away for your furkids I that they are rooms, not a kennel! The loving care and expertise of this pet spa is top notch! We feel secure knowing are girls are good hands We are able to go on vacation and be worry free plus we have a new friend! We highly recommend pet dog! husband and I discovered Pet recently when we we took a 2 week trip out of the country. We have a beautiful and very sensitive female greyhound. We were not thrilled about the idea of leaving her a traditional kennel for such extended stay. the past we have had friends and family stay with only to come home to reports of excessive whining and loss of sleep by all. We were thrilled to meet Antje and visit her training and boarding facility. We left on our trip with confidence that was being cared for the best possible way. While we were away we received several email updates and pictures of a very happy When we picked up at the end of 2 weeks she was happy, energetic, and playful. She showed no signs of stress such as diarrhea, lethargy, or depression that often result from stays a kennel. Antje worked with her on the whining and since she's been home the whining has almost completely stopped. We were very happy with the care received, and fact we have already made reservations for 2 more stays. I would recommend Pet to anyone looking for a safe and loving place to board your dogs. We would not leave our dogs anyplace Antje is amazing and our 3 dogs have stayed at her resort several times over the past two years. We have the utmost confidence Pet and know our fur kids are well cared for and have a fun time. We have recommended Antje several times and continue to do Could not be happier!! Pet DogTraining helped me with Springer Spaniel's anxiety and food aggression issues just 2 sessions. I would highly recommend them, we received lots of 'structured homework' which all worked amazingly. This trainer uses gentle methods that make sense and actually WORK without traumatizing or punishing our dog. Their head trainer is a professional member of multiple professional dog trainer associations. Antji takes her profession very serious, does a lot of continuing education to ensure she is up on the latest dog training. Her knowledge is remarkable, we have worked with another 'discount trainers' with no results but horrible harshness we were very uncomfortable with. We are grateful to know this true and gentle dog whisperer. And apparently if they 't like certain things your review they post unkind and private information about your dog public. Totally not cool and very unprofessional, especially since it's been 1 2 years since she has seen dogs. How can anyone trust someone who does that? Go figure! This is the best place ever. Been bringing pets here for about 10 years right when Antje opened. Great for boarding and training. She relay cares for her guests and most important she is skilled any possible emergency and has connections with local veterinarians. Very clean and organized and is always ready to assist. She lives on the property right next to where the dogs stay. Antje clearly understands dog behavior and she works hard to ensure pets are well cared for. Never have any qualms about leaving babies here. Whenever we go on vacation, we send our dog to Pet Dog. dog is now 10 years old and has been going to Pet Dog since she was about 4 months old. At that time we were seeking a Trainer because our dog was