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Park require all a maintenance level running from ocracoke predicted protocol. Bless you DR, for your wisdom and helpful attitude. Looking forward to your continued effort of healing One person and Pet at a Time 2000 Dear Marijah McCain I am writing to say thank You.I had very dry skin spots on hands and knee. After I took a month of Natural Detox and One Daily Vitamins the spots on hands are gone and almost gone on the knee. 2000 Dear Marijah McCain I spoke with you several years back regarding a friend diagnosed with liver cancer. You told me to tell her not to panic and buy into the Western allopathic hype. I am happy to say she is fine to this day. They tell her the chemo did wonders. She never had chemo, only your advice and supplements, the largest of which was the 4- Tea. 2000 I owe a dramatic improvement the quality of life to you and your products! While I do use more than these few I now list, the key products have been the 4- Tea and colloidal silver which eradicated a term infection under a tooth and lower gum...and a real short time. Thank you Herbal Healer Academy. 2000 Report on husband with cancer since of 99, is being treated with herbs only No Chemotherapy. He returned to doctor the 7th of Feb. They said he was doing well the doctors must have removed all when they operated. I had them look at the file and they removed none of the cancer, he had no explanation for the weight gain, the feeling good and over all health. Good Job all around for the HHA 4- Tea, The Colloidal Silver and host of supplements. February 2000 This is amazing!!! Thank you Doctor!!!! I have only been on the Mycostat for about 4 days now and pain level just dropped on a scale of 1, from 8 or 9 to about a 2 or 3!!!! I am soooo happy!!! I have been pain for months!! Comment from the Naturopath: This product is excellent when a person is experiencing joint pain that is due to chronic yeast inflammation. times the medical system misdiagnoses this as arthritis! Dose is two tablets twice a day. Regular bowel movements are essential 2 per day. February 2000 Thank you!!! Maca Maca is the answer to prayers!!! Ever since I began menstruating at the age of 12 I have had PMS and horrible pain. Lately for the past few years PMS has been bad I have become suicidal. I have taken other herbs and they have lessened the symptoms but never completely gotten rid of them or gotten rid of them for more than three months. BUT NOW I HAVE MACA MACA! I tried them on a whim after receiving your newsletter and I NO LONGER HAVE PMS!!! I 't depression, I 't have symptoms during ovulation, NOTHING!!! For the past few months period has started and I am surprised because I have had no symptoms. Marijah McCain I have tried allopathy and everything but Maca Maca is the best. And I only need one a day. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Please share this letter that others find the same relief I have. 2000 I just wanted to tell you that I have been using your HHA Leaf Extract for about 6 months. When I first started using it, hepatitus viral count was about 2000. I was retested about 3 weeks ago with a specialty blood test to determine a genotype of the virus and the viral count was low that the test came back from the lab as undetectable viral load. I know that doesn't mean I'm cured, but it's going the right direction. Thank you for your help and I continue to use your products and advice. God bless you and all