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Money fit even to follow physically dogs with nutritional turn nicely made product. Easy to use. By: Family pet. This is a very good unit; perfect for 15 lb dog. It is light that she pays no attention to it and does not seem to be collar wise. She reacted instantly and obeyed the one time I had to use it. Since then, her hearing seems to have improved dramatically, and she obeys even without the collar. By: The compact size of the SD 825 doesn't hinder the usefulness of this handy little collar. Range is great, and the raised dot on the tap momentary stimulus button. Its easy to find when you've got your hands full, but the dog needs that little reminder. Charge life is good and go 3 or 4 days with all day use. Perfect collar for our small dogs. Highly recommended. By: Owns 2 dogs. Hunts. Family pet. I had searched and hard before choosing this collar, and I'm very happy with the results! Gun Dog Supply had the most information and videos as well as customer reviews. I wouldn't purchase anywhere else! It shipped out quickly, and I was updated with the tracking number immediately. The collar arrived ready to go straight out of the box. It works great on GSD, and after watching the training dvd it came with, and following instructions, dog learned quickly and positively! Would definitely recommend! By: Family pet. Used twice one day. dog remembers now and stops when he is called, even at a full run. It's such a relief to know dog won't be road kill because I couldn't stop him. I 't know if I ever need it again, but it was worth the cost if I never need it again. By: Owns 2 dogs. Hunts. I needed a new collar for Lab; this collar has a dial to change correction levels, which is much simpler to control the field, compared to old collars, which used electronic controls. This one is also expandable when I pick up new pup this spring. By: Family pet. Love this product, as it has really helped to keep dog safe. After a little practice, dog has learned to stop chasing vehicles and to stay on our property. I tried this on myself before using on dog to make sure that I was not hurting him. I rarely have to use it, and feel much better when dog is off the leash. Great product! By: Owns 2 dogs. Family pet. 5 year old female Great Pyrenees is notorious for getting out of her yard either chewing a hole through the mesh, climbing the gate or digging under. Then, when called after getting out, she would run the other way. Just two weeks of intermittent observation and timely shocks have her staying her yard and coming at a run when turned loose I trained and competed with obedience dogs for years and never needed a shock collar, but this dog is REALLY hard-headed. The collar performed every time and is easy to use. I recommend it for any trainer with a really difficult dog, but as with any type of training, timing is everything, especially with a shock collar because it leaves a permanent impression. By: Hunts. Family pet. This is first e-collar, and I did extensive research before buying. I am impressed with the unit as well as the instructions included. Very helpful. A bark limiter option would be a nice addition, but not a necessity, and it wouldn't have swayed me to other brands. The collar is compact, and both components are waterproof, as they should be for outdoor gear. There should be off switch on the transmitter, too. The whole unit is solid, and I highly recommend it for capability, expandability and ease of use. By: This is upgrade for me, and far I am happy with it. This is very versatile. Has great battery life, and it does work. The only things that could be better are the collar strap and the antenna. The strap is clumsy and stiff, and the antenna can become loose. Neither should be a deal breaker. By: Hunts. Competes. I am very happy with it. I think the dial is a little hard to decipher clicks and changes stimulus with gloves on without looking down at it.