Victoria Stilwell Leash Training A Dog

Well Behaved Dogs Its Stated Goal The End Of 31

Way shape gardner agility reactive and his singing works much makers. We end the show by showing you what some folks are doing to get their dogs ready for the upcoming seasons. We start this week's show with one of our last salmon trips of the and I were able to get on the water at the same time and we brought some friends along including wife!!! We also stop with DNR Vet to get the scoop on EHD, a disease effecting our deer herd. We wrap up the show taking a look at the state of Michigan's ORV trail system and getting some info on all things ORV. This week we head above the bridge to get a first hand look at the effect of the Luce Co. Fire. From there our friends at MUCC give us some good info about some gun laws that affect you, and gun ranges here Michigan. We also stop at a new sporting goods shop with interesting twist plus we take a look at a few viewer pics from our Facebook We start this week's show by getting some more info on the new QDM proposals that would impact deer hunting our state. No matter what side of the issue your on, this is some good information. We also stop the small town of Pentwater and do some fishing as the sun sets. After that we head to Gun Lake and tag along with Matteson for some late bluegill. On this week's show we start the port of Manistee and tag along on a very nice evening trip on Lake Michigan that includes one really good fish story! After that we head to Saginaw Bay to learn a fairly new tactic for walleye, we also stop at a youth trap shoot and some of your pics from Facebook. We start this week with legendary bass angler VanDam and the Detroit Lions! We tag along on a charity fishing tournament that was a lot of fun. After that we really go a different direction frog catching! We end the show with a look at our Final Video entires. you enjoy! This week we start with trout fishing on the AuSable from the famed Gates Lodge. After that we stop with a new website hoping to be the spot for folks to book their outdoor adventures. We also some folks getting kids into the outdoors and a family fishing fair... lots to on this week's show. This week we are coming to you from the port of Manistee where a few hundred military vets were treated to a great day on the water! After that we hit saginaw bay for some walleye, and end our show with some shooting tips that make all of us better shooters! you enjoy the show! This week we start by introducing you to the world of precision air guns one of the best shops the country happens to be right here our great state. After that we take a look at a couple stories that originally aired a few weeks ago, but very few folks saw them due to PBS pledge breaks, we thought we would bring them back Salmon out of Whitehall and Sharptail grouse the This week we start on Silver Lake and tag along on a father and walleye trip as the sun sets. After that we head east to Hubbard lake and what a husband and wife team are up to as they try to get into the tackle business. We end the show with a story about reworking some old guns with our friends from Gun Sight. This week we start by highlighting a new Catch and Cook program here the state partnering area charter boats and local restaurants! After that we head north to check on the Sharptail grouse population. We end the show with 's turkey hunt, and wife's hunt as well. This week we start with some great perch action on Lake Michigan! After that we take a look at some viewer video from a good friend of the show hunting turkeys with a longbow. Speaking of longbows, we stop with Brumm to just how he makes his longbows that are really a piece of artwork. We end the show by taking a look at a new trolling motor out on the market. We start this week with one of favorite turkey hunts of all time great folks and a great hunt you 't want to this one. We also have some great bass action on St. and a tip on some