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Apart from 9th a reasonable essentially october for west texas fish on his plate every night for dinner, fed him MORE fish, got him used to fish, surrounded him with fish…he'd learn to like fish. He just needs more exposure to fish… Unless you've been under a rock for the last 20 years, you know the dog training world is deeply divided on training philosophy and methodology. I've been thinking a lot about this schism over the past couple of weeks, and I HAVE FOUND THE HEADWATERS! If I'm not mistaken, the entire rift can be traced back You can't argue with the Word of Dog. But I'll give you some tips to help get your dog's COME recall on the fast track to salvation. THE PROBLEM: If there is one command that gives owners grief, it is the COME command. They scream, they threaten, they beg, they chase, they bribe and cajole 1. First and foremost, dogs are animals that just happen to live with humans. We domesticated the dog, not because we wanted a companion, but because we needed their skills of hunting, killing and defense to help us humans survive and prosper. 2. Selective breeding has changed the wrapping, but not the contents. Domesticated dogs I'm starting to notice a trend consultations with women coming to me for help with their dogs. When we come to the inevitable subject of discipline, most women start to shy away. They want better control, but they 't want to discipline a dog as a means of getting that control. As I good friend and riding buddy called the other day. She wondered if I could help with a horse behavior issue that had confounded her for weeks. Her new horse would NOT go over water on the trails near her house. She said she had tried everything, to no avail. It was limiting what she You're home from work, trying to get some kind of dinner on the table, the kids are running wildly around the house and suddenly you hear Mom! The dog is jumping on me! He has and he won't give her back. Before you can wash the meatloaf off your hands to get Dog collar dangers are REAL! PLEASE…Forward this to EVERY DOG OWNER you know! I'm back from trip, and was all ready to write a clever blog about by dog adventures sunny Spain…but tragedy intervened. Today I received a call from a dear client whose two dogs come frequently to kennel, that I was reminded yesterday as I consulted with a rescue dog owner, how little guidance there is for dog owners that adopt a rescue dog. When they bring their new dog home, they do what they think is right to help them acclimate to their new forever home, but often do exactly the WRONG things. Think of all the naughty things your puppy or dog has done over the years. Were you watching when he did it? Probably not. Did you blame the puppy? Probably. Hmmm. I'd like to come to your dog's defense, with a different perspective on on to have a well behaved dog. Anyone who's owned dogs for a while, knows that dogs often relate differently to women than they do to men. I hear comments every week from women dog training classes like, He doesn't jump on husband, but he's all over me when I walk or boyfriend can walk him and Head collars, harnesses, slip chains, martingales and pokey styles collars, little information! How do we choose the RIGHT collar to train our dog? case you haven't noticed, trainer recommendations differ widely when it comes to dog training collars. One advise a head halter, another prefer a classic slip A client came to me the other day, for help introducing a new puppy to her older, cranky-ish male terrier. She was terrified of the dogs meeting each other, fearful the older dog would fight first and ask questions later. I realized at the end of the session, that I had walked her through what Training is what a dog knows. Obedience is a dog doing what he knows, when he'd rather not. Most dogs I know are trained. Very few are obedient. Most owners train their dogs. Very few know the difference between dog training vs obedience and how to turn training into true obedience. Here's approach, from 20 years of dog training, I've yet to find any subject more provocative that that of Power, Hierarchy and Dominance and its place dog training. It's a lightening rod that divides dog trainers into one camp or the other: those that train to achieve hierarchical dominance over their dog, and those that feel.