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Case make sure border collies convention, center on life sufferer He went to Hamburg to reach Groening, and when he learned that he has already left, he followed him throughout Germany, but also Herford he was too late. But he got permission from the housekeeper Herford, that his wife was allowed to sit for a few seconds the previously used armchair of Groening. From that moment his wife has been cured of tinnitus she entirely ceased and has gained back her hearing ability. One after the other witness showed up, sometimes they reported with tears their eyes, of the miracle cures by Groening. However, most striking was, as a well-known Munich journalist spoke up and declared: I came here today as reporter and have not spoken a word with Groening. I have lost one kidney the war, the other caused me most pain, and I was no minute free of it. Suddenly, as Groening came pain was blown away, and this state already now holds on over hour. I can't feel painful kidney anymore. A gave a shout and said that she had met a woman far from Rosenheim, who had been with Groening. The woman told her that she had been healed by Groening. When I expressed regret that I previously couldn't even go to Groening order to heal paralyzed arm, the woman said that it was quite unnecessary, and that I should just take her a hand, because she comes from Groening recently, and the force that overflowed from him to her, must work on other people as well. And when the woman gave me her hand, I could suddenly move for years paralyzed arm again. Not only the voltage but also the heat the room by Jupiter lights of the film people increased more and more. A great atmosphere arose among all those miracles. Not only the journalists put their hands on their head, whether they are still normal. Is it mass hysteria or what extraordinary operations are going on here? As Gröning now is going to distribute his famous silver bullets to press reporters, photographers and film people all pushing forward to Groening to catch one of these mysterious magic balls that are well known on the Black market and sold imitations already to expensive prices. The silver balls made of tinfoil of the American cigarette packets. Groening crumples them together his hand and spread them to the persons present. But I ask you not to take the beads your left hand, but only the right! If you have come with the not only to write about me the papers but to help you with a suffering, take this opportunity and you be helped! The ball not be touched of a stranger. If you take the ball into your own hands, 't think of your suffering, but just watch yourself what is going on, you feel the power that heal you. As a press representative presents the suggestion to Gröning to convince the journalists by his miraculous power that he now performs a cure before them, Groening explained very determined: I do not feel obliged to give you some prove here, and that I am able to accomplish healings. Go and trace the healings that actually occurred, check the cases. People do not have authorization to demand evidence from me when you've got already much evidence. I help and heal everyone, but I won't give you prove. Even three hours lasted this press conference. Outside now thousands of people had gathered. A voice calls through the window: Mr. Groening, come out to us sick ones! The press is not important! Groening comforts the caller: Be patient! I heal thousand at once more easy than a single. At the end Groening agrees to answer inquiries from members of the press, but reserved the right to decide which questions he would